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  1. Any recommendations for food inside the park for lunch? And as a follow-up, any recommendations outside the park for supper? I'm so stoked to be going for the first time next week so I'm trying to plan out some of the day!
  2. Thanks for the tip! By the way, it took me a little too long to figure out what BAFF stood for I double checked and it shouldn’t be going on during my visit. I’m so stoked to check out Iron Rattler, Wonder Woman, and Batman!
  3. I was wondering about crowds as well. I'm taking my fiance on a trip to Texas for her birthday and we're going to do SFFT for a day. I'm planning on the Wednesday the week following schools going back. Should I still anticipate purchasing the Flash Pass? I have never used one before and am not entirely clear on the different levels (gold, platinum, etc.). I'm so excited to take her since neither of us have ever been to the park before! I'm sure it goes without saying that we should be also bring a bathing suit, too?
  4. I'll be making my first ever visit to Dollywood this Saturday as a surprise trip for my fiancé's birthday. I've been watching LR like a hawk through the app and am keeping my fingers crossed that it's open so we can get at least one ride in on it (although from everything I've read, one won't be enough ). I did happen to notice that when I looked at 5pm LR was marked as TC and then changed to CD with the rest of the rides at 0-5 minutes. I really hope they just closed it because the park is so empty. I'm planning on probably getting the TimeSaver Unlimited passes to ensure that we can get through everything; can anyone tell me where I go to purchase those if I decide to do so in the park rather than online? Side note: I'm dying to try some of that cinnamon bread! Can anyone offer any recommendations on food choices for us? Thanks!
  5. Hey everybody, I'm planning on taking my first trip to Cedar Point during the 2016 season and was wondering what you all thought about potential travel dates for minimal crowds (I know this probably gets asked frequently). My work and school schedule line up so that I could plan a trip during early May up until the 15th or the last week of August/first week of September. I'm planning on spending two days at the park (middle of the week) either way but was wondering what your opinion was given my options. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the input guys! I'm going to drop by the park and activate my season pass tomorrow after I land (and maybe get a ride or two in). I decided to get a season pass because it cost less than 2 single day admissions. I love seeing the empty stations and short queues for YOLO! I seriously can't wait to go!
  7. Everyone says do X2 first, but they don't know what they're talking about. Do YOLOcoaster first, then X2, tatsu, superman, then head towards the back of the park. On Saturday I did those rides in that order and didn't wait more than 5 mins for any ride! While YOLOcoaster and X2 were running only one train! Just watched your video, GAC; it was pretty helpful. Is the M&M path up to Superman pretty easy to spot after Tatsu? I think I'll follow your advice and do YOLOcoaster first and mimic the order from your vid. The only thing I'll have against me is that I don't have a Gold Pass but I will be there at the gate before opening so hopefully the park will be pretty dead. You mentioned you liked the last row on YOLO but said everyone's got to try the front, any other suggestions for seating? I'm more of a back of the train, whipping over hills kind of guy.
  8. For the first ride, I recommend choosing one of these three rides: YOLOcoaster, Tatsu, or X2. Once you are done riding one of these, go to the back of the park and ride the other two later. If you have a Discover card, use the 5 minute early entry line. If you are not able to make it to the park's opening, I'd just go on Orient Express, ride Superman, than go to the back of the park immediately. Apocalypse, Batman, Green Lantern, Riddler, Lex Luthor, Colossus, and Scream don't have much of a line if any in the first 90 minutes. X2 has less of a line around 3:00. Food: Don't go to Food Etc. unless you want to experience the "amazingness" of it. I have no idea about crowds since I never visited SFMM during a May weekday, though I doubt it will be busy. Thanks XYZ! Maybe I'll just start with X2 since it seems nearest to the entrance. What's your take on YOLOcoaster? It looks really fun despite seeming kind of short (the videos make it seem short anyway) I really can't wait to do it all; my only credits for 2014 are the coasters at the WDW resort.
  9. Hey everybody, I'm going to be at SFMM for the first time next week (Wednesday and Thursday) and I was hoping to get some tips to maximize my time in the park. First off, I looked at the calendar and it seems like the public schools are still in session so I'm hoping the park won't be too crowded. Is there any particular order I should follow for the coasters? Are some less busy in the morning than in the evening? What about food? Are there any places I should check out or avoid? Thanks in advance guys and gals!
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