Vapers unite!!

Tell us what you use and fluids you're using
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Vapers unite!!

Postby rolercstrluvr » Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:55 am

Hey everybody, I tried doing a search for a Vape thread here in the "Random Random Random" category and there was nothing coming up. So I decided to make one for all the vapers out there.

Very simple thread, just tell us about what vape you've started with and what you've upgraded to since then. Could be a box mod or something totally different.

Me I started with the little basic ones that you see everywhere, friend broke it so then I decided to upgrade. I currently have an Aspire CF Sub ohm with an aspire tank as well, has different airflow choices on it as well.

Currently thinking about upgrading again and having a box mod as I would like to have one for flavor/clouds as well as one for STRICTLY cloud chasing.

Also, for fluids i'm currently using "Tigers Blood" from a fairly new company Shinjin as well as "Perpetual Check" from Five Pawns.

Now lets see if we have any out there :b
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Re: Vapers unite!!

Postby DaveDowning » Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:32 am

So, no one answered on this? I always thought vaping was so huge in the US ?

Here in Europe, more and more people start doing it. I started (I think) in April or May. Basically, a lot of people at work started vaping instead of smoking, so I thought, let´s give it a try. Went through two small kits (an EVOD and an Ego One) before I settled on my current setup.

For work, or when I´m casually going somewhere, where I know there is power close, I use a small ego one battery (the 1100 mAh variant) with a Kanger Subtank Nano. Beautiful small setup, that gives you .5 ohms, good taste and fits perfectly in my pocket.
For longer days I now got a Kangertech Subox Mini Kit which consists of a Kbox Mini Box and the new version of the Subtank Mini. The white version looks quite nice for me, I call it my stormtrooper vape. I would highly recommend this kit. It´s a box mod, but you can still charge it via usb. The Tank comes with a .5 ohms and a 1.2 ohms coil but also with an RBA base to make your own coils (I havent started that yet). You can go from 15 to 50 Watts which gives you a good choice. I use it at 35 watts and .5 ohms, which gives nice clouds, tastes fine and is not too hot. The airflow adjustment is also great. It´s a nice kit I can only recommend:

For Liquids I switched to mixing them up myself. We have shops here that sell pre-mixed base and flavours which is way cheaper than buying ready-made liquids. I pay around 30 Euros for half a litre of base and enough flavour to go with it. That should keep me going for a few months.

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