Volcania RCT2

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Volcania RCT2

Postby historyfreak92 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:16 pm

Good Afternoon TPR! I have been working all week, & I'm here to show you a Coaster Building Challenge Scenario from RCT Loopy Landscapes! Volcania!

The Aerial View of the Dead Volcano Island! Back in the RCT1 Days I have always failed on this one but not in RCT2! I have made it into my own dream!

Located in Bullhead City Arizona where there is a large river or a lake! Just a thought although this park has many inspirations!

Sorry it's such a mess I had fun building it!

Opened in 1924 as a small amusement park but in the 1930's it turned into a Thrilling Theme Park!

The front entrance of the park! It'll be kind of hard for me to explain all the ride so sorry if I missed any! Right now there is a Custom Schwarzkopf Rocket or Wildcat named Rip Rocket in 1987! Also that Green Schwarzkopf Looper is a Coaster Challenge that I first completed! It's name is Sea Serpent from 1983!

Here is a Mack Water Coaster named 1000 Leagues Under The Sea! If the name for it sucks I'm sorry sometimes I have no other thoughts!

If you look closely there is a Virginia Reel named Mountain Twist from 1933! The Blue Mouse Coaster is a Arrow Wild Mouse named Island Mouse Adventure from 1998 what I had in my mind! Though this Mouse Coaster can't be built like this with high supports in real life but I did the best I can!

Here on the cliff edge is a Gertslaurer Eurofighter of Infinity named Red Beard's Revenge in 2016! There goes the Sea Serpent! The Purpleish Arrow Suspended is the Mystic Pond from 1991!

At the top of the mountain there is a Mack Looping Coaster like Liseberg's Helix built! Named hydro Shark in 2014!

This Red Vekoma Custom SLC was hard to build but I managed! Named is Volcano from 2003! I guess it can be inspired by Fantaysland's Jubilee in England! The Teal Green Wooden Track is a Brakeman Wooden Coaster named Beach Slide from 1939!

This Black & Red Wooden Twister Coaster! I was lucky when I first built it the rating went Very Hih Three Times so I named it Black Dragon from 1938! I would love to ride this!

At the edge of the Mountain is a Double Out & Back Woodie named Golden Comet from 1948! It was inspired by Comet at Great Escape! Built by Herbert Schmeck! This would be my favorite ride! And a wooden wild mine named Rolling Stone from 1924!

At the hidden cliff part behind is an Zierer Tivoli Coaster named Sunburst from 1993! Something else I thought I'd put in The B&M Flying Coaster is the Whooping Crane built in 2019!

Volcania for LL Revisited.SV6
Here's the download if you're interested!
(1.08 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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