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How do you hold on to your camera on POVs??


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^ Ok, dude. You're really skating on thin ice here. You've only posted twice and each post you've asked questions that have already been answered in other popular or stickied threads.


I STRONGLY suggest you actually read, yes *READ* a few more threads on the forum before posting again or find the "search" function REAL QUICK otherwise you're headed to a banned state that will won't like too much.


I have no time to keep answering the same questions over and over again.


--Robb "Next thing I know you're going to ask us what the name of a song was on a video....." Alvey

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Meh... he's 13. Understandable that he wouldn't think to look around, although yeah, I'd suggest listening to what Robb said and browsing old topics to make sure it's not a question that hasn't been answered a billion times. It's good internet etiquette anyway and useful to develop.


If you're looking for another opinion... I usually try to stabilize the camera against something like the grab bar of an OTSR harness. If there's nothing, I'll try to stabilize my arm with my other arm. Or I just anticipate the forces and counter a turn by going the other way.


Unless you meant whether I hold my camera vertically or horizontally... which in case it's horizontal.

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