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New Element www.nedesigns.com website

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Top Posters In This Topic

@Historyfreak see this message which was posted on the discord by the admins: Happy to announce that the restoration of New Element is in full swing: https://www.nedesigns.com/


We have decided on a new hosting provider, where for now @geewhzz has volunteered again to be account holder. He has set everything up so that I can now upload all the files from the backup, which I've been doing non-stop since yesterday and will for the coming days. If everything goes well, I'll make the careful estimate we could have the site back up and running within 2-4 days from now. However I wouldn't be surprised if we encounter some technical roadblocks, and it'll take some double-checking all the imported files run as intended, before setting the site live again. For this interim time, @saxman1089 has kindly stepped in and helped me prepare the temporary page you are now seeing when visiting the site. I guess our Discord invite link has never been more present :slight_smile:

So just a bit more patience, but things are definitely looking good. I will also hopefully soon have some news on how we can crowdfund the site together. This is proving to be less straightforward than anticipated, sadly. But for now there's reason to look forward to the return of New Element, and we're very excited.

Thanks again for all of your messages of support. It makes our time spent taking care of the site feel ever more meaningful. So let's hope the next announcement will be the one we're all waiting for, and until then let's rely on Discord for a little while longer …

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