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[RCT3] Periculum

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by zeroG, MaxMagnus, Kevin, RCT D!


We are happy to anounce that Periculum is finally released. Thanks to StationJimJr for creating the Periculum sets and thanks to Ynor9 for an amazing soundtrack, exclusive made for Periculum. And of course, thanks to all of you for posting and loving our project, we are happy that we can show the end result now! Just sit back, relax and forget our world to immerse yourself into the dark ages of Periculum.


The biggest thank you to StationJimJr for his unbelieveable patience to create all those wonderfull setpieces. You can find them here: Periculum 1, Periculum 2, Periculum 3&4


The official Periculum Sountrack composed by soundtrackmusic.org (Ynor9) & Max Magnus you can download here: All Periculum tracks




It was the last day of October in year 1439. The King is in a little room and watched the town in the valley, like every evening. He had a big and delicious dinner and went in front of the window. He listened to the silence of the night. But this evening, there was not silence, something hammered against the gate, while there were angry, upset voices and the clatter from hundreds of people.

The door opened, in the moment, when the king recognized the source of the noises. And the deserted, cold rooms of the castle switched into a living hell. Big flames appeared and the king fled further into his castle. The big, majestic rooms appeared suddenly enormous, empty and eerie.

He arrived in the big hall where he heard his old discussion with Arthur again and where the light switched to a threatening red. The kitchen burned and a mysterious, divine light breaks through the ceiling. He passed the staircase and saw again the dining hall. But now changed into a red-violet horror-scene with corpses, pillories and splintered wall-tiles. Terrified from this view, he walked through the sewer to get to his bed-room. He arrived, but something was different. It was bright illuminated but nobody was there. So he decided to take the old, barely used tunnel to get out of the castle into the church to find other people and flee from the danger. He found the church, dark and abandoned, while someone plays organ. Suddenly the whole church lighted and he heard another dialogue from the time, when he captured Arthur in jail and tortured him to get more information. Paralyzed and disorientated the king started to climb up the church tower, when he heard the voice of the priest “Soon they will be here, go now my lord, while there is time…”, but he did not took any notice. He remembered the curse “my word will be adhered when the bell announces the message above the roofs of the town” and accepted his fate, as he heard the first chimes of the biggest bell: the bell, which announces a death of a king. He saw the town and his castle a last time before he jumped into the water under the tower. And he drowned…?

No, not yet. He emerged in a dark wood and started to run away. He did not know why, but he had fear. Somehow he reached a building, which he mysteriously knew… The new jail. The jail, where he tortured so many people. Now its doors stand open for him and he could not turn around. Instead of torture he arrived into hell. Literally - first in the purgatory, second in the bitter reality, where he had to watch how his castle and the big cathedral where destroyed by the fire of his own people.


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