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Cedar Joint in Sand Husky, Ohio. The destination for roller coaster enthusiasts around the world. Home to record-breaking coasters! Here is our current coaster lineup in order of size:


Intimidator 100

The midwest was never this wild!


  • Fastest lift hill (80 mph)
  • Highest g-force (probably 12G)
  • Strongest transitions (probably 50 later Gs)
  • Most fountains next to a roller coaster (we didn't count but it's probably a world record)
  • Most track placed above water (3,000ft)


Batman: The Ride

Kick the people that are under the ride!


  • Second tallest inverted coaster in Ohio
  • Second fastest inverted coaster in Ohio
  • Second longest inverted coaster in Ohio
  • Least overrated inverted coaster in Ohio
  • Greenest coaster at Cedar Joint


Trim Streak

Watch out, it has a trim streak!


  • Most trims on a roller coaster (436)
  • Most anti-rollbacks on a roller coaster (1200)
  • Closest proximity roller coaster to Magnum Youth XL (15 ft)
  • Tallest wooden coaster if it had been built in 1800 (1532 ft)
  • Most times valleyed in one day (17)



The world's longest entrance coaster in 2013!


  • Highest altitude 135-degree banking (167ft)
  • Longest coaster to go over the entrance of a park while doing a barrel roll and going through a keyhole that's located on a lake in Ohio (4164ft)
  • Second most uncomfortable restraints (besides Runaway Mountain)
  • Second most forceless coaster (besides Millennium Forceless)
  • Tallest wing coaster with a drop over 135ft (170ft)


Magnum Youth XL

The original hypercoaster™


  • Tallest coaster (in 1989)
  • Fastest coaster (in 1989)
  • Longest coaster (in 1989)
  • Most annoying restraints (in 1989)
  • Closest proximity roller coaster to Trim Streak (15ft)


Millennium Forceless

The millennium is riding on overbanks!


  • Steepest lifthill on a coaster with lapbars that's not vertical
  • Most iconic first drop
  • Most overbanks on a giga coaster
  • Most forceless coaster
  • Third longest section of straight track in 2008 (lost to Low Fuel Dragster and Kingda Kappa)
  • Most bugs struck in one ride


Low Fuel Dragster

Race for the other side of the park!


  • Second tallest coaster in the world
  • Second fastest coaster not located in the United Arab Emirates
  • Smoothest strata coaster
  • First strata coaster
  • Second tallest strata coaster
  • Second fastest strata coaster
  • Second longest strata coaster
  • Least green strata coaster
  • Only strata coaster without shoulder restraints
  • Most bleachers on a strata coaster
  • Only strata coaster near a lake
  • Second longest section of straight track in 2008 (lost to Kingda Kappa)


Note: this park is a joke and I probably won't update it, but if I do then so be it. I love Cedar Point, this post is just making fun of enthusiast opinions and some of the silly things about Cedar Point's coasters and the park itself


Welcome to Cedar Joint! You can see every roller coaster you need to see here, and a few of them actually have their own picture!


Batman: The Ride




Low Fuel Dragster, Millennium Forceless, Batman: The Ride, and FrontOwner


Magnum Youth XL


Millennium Forceless

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