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Project Boulder Zierer latest coaster is a journey like never before, with a dual launch layout and speeds of over 50mph, Project boulder is not for the faint hearted. Experience sudden turns, sweeping drops and 'head chopping' caves.

Heres a sneak peak.


Fly over waterfalls and bend through the trees


Launch to near 50mph through the bridge before plummeting down to the ravine into a cave.


Sail above and below the trees, in a wild ride through the forest.

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Right well, its been a while and i havent been at home with my mac that has rct3 on it. I present you. LUPIN: Legend Of The Forest


LUPIN: Legend Of The Forest

Lupin meaning latin for wolf, is a wild coaster experience that has you hurtling into tunnels around trees and through an alpine village. Sprint into 2 55mph launches,whisk through teeth biting bends and leap into sudden drops. Ride the wolf, Ride Lupin.

But here is the almsot 75% complete update on my new coaster Lupin: Legend Of the Forest.


Teeth biting bends


Leaping drops into tunnels.


Inspired by Cheetah Hunt, th13teen and verbolten

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I can't believe that this is my first post in here for like forever


Well, this looks promising. The layout seems interesting, and so does the landscaping. I would advise you to try out a little more variety regarding the rocks. I don't know if you are going for the "dark" look, but I'm pretty sure that a little more colour variety would do miracles; even if it's kept in grey and black.

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