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Efteling & Walibi Holland TR 22-23.06.2012

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Efteling and Walibi holland mini TR 22-23.6.12:



I have been to the park for a short few hours in march last year.

It was cold and beautifull and empty

I knew it would be much crowded this time arround,But for a friday it was not bad at all.

The down side was that it was just before the public holidays and that means it is the last days schools can make day trips to the park.

As we got close to the enetrence we did notice a few school buses and loads of around 14 year old kids, But since the park is so spread out , i didn't find it to be a problem during the day.


I think Efteling is one of the most beautifull parks i have seen.

(other favourites are busch gardens williamsburg,disneyland and Alton towers)

The forest setting is just un-beatble.The whole place seems so magical naturally,

much more tha disney to my taste.

"Old" sections looks natuarlly old, no tacky look alikes, theming at it's finest!


We started the day waiting for the gates of john and the dragon to open.

First few rides were almost a walk on,and it filled up to about 25 minutes wait after 40 minuets or so.

The train ran fast and smooth eventhough it was early and quite cold.

The favourite "fire" side was actually flying through the course much faster that i remembered during the winter visit.

It delivers a great ride,very nice air time at front (double up!) and back.

the cars have great padding which adds to the comfort on those heavy banked turns.

Top notch theming and little touches at the station and along the line.

Too bad the dragon it self was down today.

(does this happen often?)


the ride blends into the the woods as the trees grow around it.


The flying duchman was closed at winter so it was my first time on it - The line is as beautifull as the ride it self.

Great overall ride, although too short.

Reminded me of Disney's pirates even more the "fata morgana" at the enternce to the park.

The out side building is a geneius work of art.


It took me a while to notice the big window frames are wrecked ships. Brilliant design!


leaving the lake side,we went strolling in to the fairy tales forest.

magical classics.Better than the kidy rides at disney.


Don't knock on that door!


candy IS bad for you!


We marked a "V" at the bird coaster (waiste of good spce and out door themeing) and at "bob", which still is fun but starts to show his age.


Fata morgana (aka pirates knock-off/rip-off) was also closed over winter , so i experienced t for the first time.

To me it was a good ride - long and wth some cool effects.

Still - pirates at disneyland is better.


The amazing gondola ride that goes into the fairy world (who can remember those dutch ride names?) was still amazingly beautifull.


We actually watched the new water show twice (it runs at 3 and 6 - both times with no lights on as it gets dark at 10).

It was very nice,the soundtrack is from rides in the park which adds to the experience.

It looks great even at day time,but as it was windy and rainy at 3 , people standing at the front of the main viewing platfrom got dumped with the fog and drops the fountains make as they work.

The wierd thing is that as it gets drak so late i guess many people won't be able to enjoy it at full effect with the lights on.

it wasn't as impresive as the water show the same company set up in vegas,But than again - this one has fire!

not a rival to DCA's amazing water show,but a nice addition to the park indeed.


water,fire,spitting frogs - all makes a good water show.


It was a great day at the park,lines were not too bad all day and the whole experience made this park a must for me to concider any time i'm near holland .



Walibi Holland:

So,it was my first visit to this park.My main intrest was of course goliath, which i hoped would live up to the hype.

Upon arrival we learned that there was a huge and insanely loud techno festival going on next to the park.

Unfourtunatly this meant very annoying low base echoing through the park all day

I guess this is how they torture terrorists somewhere.Yes,it was that loud...

Overall the park looks nice,nicer than some other six flags parks i have been to.

It is very green and colorfull, although coming from efteling this place looks a bit fake and tacky.

Beside charging the same enterence fee,there is nothing to compare between these two parks.

Themeing at walibi is OK but nothing more than that,eventhough they do have a really nice kids area near "speed of sound".


Pink crazy techno festival tents



the park was not too crowded for a sat i guess, we were on the first train of goliath and

it was a walk on for about half an hour ,and started to fill up around 11.

Around mid day most big rides were about 30 min wait max.

As in most six flags parks, the crowds were a mix of family with kids and loads of local youth.

Again,very different than efteling.

Smoking is free to all, everywhere, at walibi.

People smoked wherever they want,including in lines.

16 year old kids were actually making pot cigarets in line for robin hood...

I didnt see any line cutters,but the general feeling was not too family friendly i guess.




We were on the first train of goliath that day, and it ran great right from the start.

I can only say this baby lives up to the hype!

It's smooth, fast, and packed some of the best air time (ejector air time actually) i had felt on a steel coaster.

It's a great example of how you don't have to be the highest nor fastest coaster in order to deliver excellent air time and overall experience.

On the other hand - the luck of theming, and the feeling you get at the final breaks - that this coaster could have been longer, are a let down.

The train comes into the brakes with so much power i can see how it could easly climb up a few more hills.

But it's a brilliant re-rideble ride as it is, and it went to the top 5 on my list.

Must say the crew working the ride was great , the big mustach guy kept the vibe up all day, high fiveing each person passing by him (hope he scrubs his hands reall good after his shift..)They also ran a second train early in the day to help the lines go faster.


Air time ahead!


Great layout around the lake


Over the trees ejector air time



The log flume was fun,with a nice double down drop that didn't leave you too wet at the end. Nothing too special,but still fun.


Robin hood - well, It's a disaster.

I can see how it probably was fun back in the day, But at it's current state they should burn it down, or change the trains and re-track.

there is zero air time and the bootom of the hills felt as if you were thrown down into them instead of gliding through them.


the Speed of sound looks cool but i skipped as for saving my time for other rides.

the best park-food we had was at the italian place near it.


The lunch of the ex-superman lunched coaster was very fun.The rest of the layout was just boring.it was a walk on all day.

The color scheme was cool though and it was fearly smooth.


looks nice,but quite boring..


The giant wheel is indeed quite big and you can get some great views from up there.


the sun was shining


Didn't went on other rides as they were not too interesting and i spent the majority of time around goliath.


To sum it up I'll say it's a nice park if you are in the area and want a nice day trip.

No more , No less.


Thank you to the guys at the efteling and walibi forums for the pre-visit help!

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