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[NL] Sterling- The Ride

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So I'm back with another coaster, this one my personal favorite. Its an Intamin Stand-up made in the late 80's. It is the only stand-up coaster made with an Immelmann loop. It stands tall at 154 feet, reaches a speed of 61 MPH, but is on the short side at a track length of just 2250 feet. It has a maximum positive G force of +3.7, and a negative of -0.4. Its highest lateral G is 1.2.

I'm planning on making roller coasters named after all of my friends (for whatever reason this seemed like a fun idea) so that is where the name came from. The supports are all custom and are made based on other Stand-ups.

Without further adieu, here are some pics, and a track download.


Tasty first drop


Big A$$ loop


Nice little Immelmann to spice things up


On the MCBR


The corkscrew is taken at a high speed


Your journey begins here (With a wayyy too long predrop, any suggestions to make it a bit shorter?




Screwin' the cork :D

Sterling-The ride.nltrack

And finally the download.

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