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This may sound stupid but I recently started a thread that got locked all because I couldn't find anything close using the search function but it turned out the thread already existed and I just want to improve my future posts! All I am asking is could people give me some advice on using the forum search function?


There are many check boxes and stuff and I think maybe I am missing something because last time I tried to search I came up hundreds of threads, none of which seemed to relate to what I was going to post about, but someone else managed to find the existing thread, any ideas what I might have been doing wrong?


Also is there anyway you can search by thread title rather than words in the content of the thread? Again I am probably missing something!


I don't mean to be a Dumbass but I just want to make sure I don't make the same mistake again and that way my future posts on this brilliant site might be better!






-What's the betting this thread already exists and my inability to use the search function properly has resulted in me looking stupid again?!

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Thank you Carnage, I've found that one now, that's quite helpful for finding threads with similar subject matter and has been very useful, as I said - I knew it was probably there but I just find the search function a bit confusing, probably because it has so many useful options and I havent quite worked it all out yet, thanks for the help!


Also, thank you Red B, I will try that in future as well, hopefully that will help and I will be better at finding threads now and won't make the same mistakes again!


Thank you both!



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