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La Ronde

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I was at La Ronde twice this summer, both in early and late July. I was just wondering if anybody else noticed these two things that I noticed.


It seemed like some of their rides broke down constantly, especially Le Boomerang and Super Manage. It seemed like as soon as they good the Boomerang up and running, it broke again. Idk, maybe i was just there on a bad day.


The other thing was that they had a great selection of flat rides, but most of had pretty short cycles IMO. They were run pretty good though, especially the Condor. I've never been on a Condor that goes that fast, it was crazy. I normally like those kind of rides, but that actually scared me.

Same with the Bateau Pirate. It wasnt too awful short, but it wen't really high, and I've only seen another Pirate Ship go that high at my homepark, The Great Escape.


For anyone else who has been there, did you notice any of these things?

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Boomerang is always up and down, this year the chain on the second spike sounds kind of "funky". And they often run their coasters with only 1 train, even when it's very busy. Goliath and Vampire are often the only two with two trains running. It's been getting better over the years though. Slowly but surely. Their dispatch times are pretty slow on some rides though.


And their flats are truly awesome, if only they had longer cycles!

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Yea I thought something might have been up with Le Boomerang.

When the second spike's lift stops, you can hear the lift slam down, and thats always made me nervous. It's alot louder on Great Escape's Boomerang though, like you can actually see the spike shaking while you are in line.

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You are definitely right about the Boomerang. I was there once last year, and I was on it and it was just about to drop down the second spike and it stopped for like a minute. Then it rolled back about 15 feet and stopped really quickly, which kind of hurt.


I've never been on a Condor that goes that fast, it was crazy


They have alot of good flat rides, but I wen't on that once, and will not go on it again. I like the Condor, but that was just too fast for a ride like that.

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