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I Have Succeeded In Creating The Worst NoLimits Track Ever!

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I posted this for no reason other than advice to make a decent track. This is NOT a good coaster, I warn you... so if you are very picky and dislike helping others learn how to run the game better please, do not hesitate to state your opinion. This is my first attempt at a NoLimits track and I know that, that is no excuse for it being bad and I'm not going to use it as a defence mechanism for critisism. I can take critisism well, and I won't argue based on your opinions. Please just try to help the best you can.


And yes, I know the name has already been used , I was in a rush to name it when I saved it though. But I also realize that is no excuse... I will name it more originally next time, If you think I deserve a next time, because again, I warn you, this IS really bad.


See, I told you, its the WORST NoLimits track in history.

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OK, heres a list of issues I've found (apart from the layout, which to be very honest, isn't good try and get some different directions in future)


1) The station is on the floor, raise it up a few ft/m to make it look more realistic

2) The lift hill: the best way to make these is a curve up, a straight section for the main portion (press 'i' to make it perfectly straight) then a curve outwards into the drop/pre-drop. You need a smaller curve up as well, you curve in is bigger than the curve out.

3) Apart from the shaping, the drop wasnt too bad, just try and keep the track from sinking into the floor (advice from number 1 applies here)

4) Try and make the brake run straight, more realistic that way...I know you havent done it here, but another thing to do is not bank the brake runs.


Thats it (apart from some general bad shaping, but thats something you get the hang of eventually...I'm sure someone else here can offer some advice as to proper shaping.

For future reference to (when you get to build a track with corners ) theres a piece of scenery shaped like a bit of cheese...you can use the edge of this cheese for your track to follow, and it makes the tracks somewhat less pumpy.


Not the worst first coaster in NL I've seen either.....hell, this is better than some 2nds 3rds and 4ths I've seen.

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Hey, thank you for the advice! I will try the best I can to put it to use!


I don't really understand Elementary or the Automatic Heartline Generator so I have to use plain NoLimits to smooth, and it has became quite hard.

Once you've learnt the art of hand smoothing, try putting some effort into AHG...if your track is smooth enough to begin with, then AHG is almost a walk in the park.
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