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  1. Ah - so that is one possible explanation. The poll relies on the number of times a coaster beats another compared coaster in that category, whether the category all is all, woo does or steel. I guess I can see how that would work, although it still makes me wonder whether it can accurately assess the true mean feeling of the respondents. When the categories have been only either wood or steel, it makes more sense - but when you mix them up, it becomes a bit nebulous.
  2. I know, I saw that section - but it leaves out quite a lot of detail as to how a wooden coaster that beats another woodie on ONE list can fall behind that woodie on another list. If possible, I would like to better understand how the algorithm makes this possible AND an accurate representation of of the actual feeling in the coaster community. Note - this is not a dealbreaker for me, because after all it is a fun hobby with no set rules. More a matter of curiosity than anything else.
  3. Whoops - my bad - it appears way down the list, far below Boulderdash, which it just beats in the wood only category. I fear I do not understand how this can mathematically occur.
  4. Why does The Voyage not appear at all on the overall rankings?
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