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  1. This is my dream coaster - a thrilling coaster with proper scenery like it’s straight out of planet coaster, but it’s a shame that it goes so slow in the first half. I was so excited for it but now I’m less because of how slow it’s going. I also don’t like stopping at the top of inversions. It’s like, give us a good fast ride, stop trying to make hang time - this isn’t the iron eagle at six flags America.
  2. I’m serious. I have no desire to ride copperhead strike at carowinds because it stops at the top of loops and it’s the same thing velocicoaster seems to do. Lame.
  3. On totally! It looks so slow! It completely stops every time it goes upside down on the first half of the ride. It’s so lame. I’m not in a hurry to ride it anymore, my excitement for it has definitely been erased.
  4. So, do you think the Velocicoaster will soft open or open normally like recent Universal rides have, with a line stretching to citywalk? Curious if a virtual queue is used also. -Matt
  5. Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself but didn't see a section to do so, I'm new here. I enjoy chatting about coasters and theme parks also. I'm originally from West Virginia but live in Colorado now. I'm a flight attendant and have a travel/theme park vlog called "The Traveling Jumpseaters" with my buddy Marcus who's also a flight attendant (our YouTube vlog is linked in our profile here if you'd like to subscribe). Orlando is my favorite destination and I can. not. wait. for the Velocicoaster to open! Hope to make some new friends here. Cheers!
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