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  1. Hey, I'm back after 2 years! Anyways, In 1974, They added Scrambler. Then in 1975, They added Zipper flat ride The slight change came in 1976. The year when Corkscrew opened to the public. They repainted the Crazy Mouse's supports
  2. Pontins was an holiday camp in UK. But what if Pontins had a amusement park? Here's what it looked like: Mighty Mouse was an Ben Schiff Wild Mouse coaster that relocated from Bottons Pleasure Beach as Wild Mouse operated at Bottons from 1962 to 1978. Car Ride was an just small car ride. Here's a link if you want download that: Pontin's Amusement Park.sc6
  3. I made recreation of Ben Schiff Wild Mouse coaster with Schiff Wild Mouse CTR by kenos I also made early version of that model.
  4. Did you know that Brean Leisure Park (now Brean Theme Park) used to have David Pickstone Schiff Wild Mouse coaster? That right, he has Wild Mouse coaster for 12 years. Because in 1985, he builded this ride himself, and then in 1986, he open His Wild Mouse coaster. This ride relocated from Smart's Amusement Park in Littlehampton (now Harbour Park). It operated until 1997, when this ride was closed down and removed from the park. Here's a video from 1990 about this ride on Daytime UK on BBC1: Here's a another video about this ride was rebuilt in 1994: Here's a Roller Coaster documentary with this ride at Brean Sands at the same year: Here's a link from RCDB: https://rcdb.com/2869.htm
  5. in 1971 They added flat ride called Round-Up Round-Up is a flat ride that spins around. And then the following year they added coaster called.... Kiddie Coaster Kiddie Coaster was an Schiff Kiddie Coaster, and that's all I got. in 1973 They wanted to add another coaster but this time... is a Schiff Wild Mouse coaster named Crazy Mouse. Crazy Mouse Crazy Mouse was an B. A. Schiff Wild Mouse that relocated from Parque de Atracciones de Montjuic as Loco Ratón before moved here as Crazy Mouse. Wow, Bobsled has large line! We will update more of this soon!
  6. In 1969, They started building the park, and then in 1970 India Dreamworld open to Indian public. Complete with attractions like.... Bobsled Bobsled was an built in-house roller coaster was based on Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland, Unlike Matterhorn Bobsleds, This ride did not house the coaster. Just the lift hill. and they had splash down at the end of ride. Tilt-A-Whirl Tilt-A-Whirl was an flat ride about spinning around. And many more! And there's a Castle! And there's a mysterious Tumble Bug that relocated from Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, Ohio! But never opened due to budget issues. We will update more of that soon!
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