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  1. Actually, no. I take great offense to that. If you read the article clearly, you would see that we chose not to publish the rumor when it was given to us three weeks prior to being published on Screamscape. As I quite clearly state: We've heard this rumor many times and like the community here, we've dismissed every count of it. However, given the recent buzz, we felt like we had to publish our own take. Sorry. I don't like posting just to offer a rebuttal, but I do feel a need to defend what we published. We're not in the business of posting sensational rumors, nor do we like creating them.
  2. Personally, it was rough compared to the coasters I’ve been to in California. But for sure, 12.50 was not worth it.
  3. Jeese, I just spent 12.50 on the worst ride in Las Vegas! I swear, this has to be the worst piece of crap I even ridden. It’s rough, and jams your head side to side. God, who ever designed this thing…..
  4. How do you build a “relationship” with a theme park? I’m doing a site about Universal Studios Hollywood, and at times, I know they can be a bit, odd, so to speak. From what I heard. Are there any suggestions as to how to do this?
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