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  1. I just got a Sportage SX (w/ Turbo)


    It is a great car... the only issues I have had with it is the awkwardly low back window (you cant see the face of someone in a taller truck or suv behind you at a stop light) and the thick pillars due to the angle of the windshield. Other than that, I just wasn't impressed with the Rouge, it felt disconnected from the road where the Sportage was a bit crisper in transmission (CVT=yuck) and handling. I was originally going to get a basic Sportage but the Turbo in the SX kind of sealed the deal for me.


    And hey, it is all designed by the guy that brought Audi to be the design icon it is today... amazing how far Kia has gone.

  2. I haven't rode the forward side in a few years but backwards left me and my friend saying ouch at the end. I love the ride but it really does need a overhaul in the smoothing department instead of the patchwork that they have been placing the past year or two.


    And the Racer is still number 2 till they put trims back on after the second lift on the Beast... that helix is the perfect mix of speed and roughness, just insane. It still is sad the messed up the first half though with those strong trims.


    I think I will ride the forward side tommorow (today, haha.)

  3. I went down today and was surprised to see on of my friends from school (PR Intern) speiling in the "Pre-line" they were making on the runway. All they have done for this coaster, including my corny t-shirt, has been perfect when it comes to pulling in the crowd. Other than my 3 hour wait, it seemed tons slower than I remember it up at GL. The whole park's atmosphere has changed into a cluster, I just hope the ride and park get themselves adjusted quickly.

  4. Age: 17

    Middle Name: Lee

    Pet Peeve: People who just restate what someone else just said.

    Color of your bathroom: Cream, Red, and Green

    Best Movie of ALL time: October Sky

    Best Song of ALL time: Changes all the time... Bruised- Jack's Mannequin

    Best TV Shows: Boston Legal, Grey's, Shark, NCIS, House, LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE

    Favorite Band/Artist: Right now it is Jack's Mannequin

    Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: never been to disney

    Yummiest Ice Cream: COOKIE DOUGH

    If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Steve Jobs (Apple)

    Morning Person or Night Person: Night-Early morning

    Pets: Wolf-German Shep. hybrid and Scottish Fold Cat

    Favorite Color: Dark Grey-Blue

    Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Laser Quest

    Coke or Pepsi: Coke.... I just drink Sprite

    Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: They also need Bananas

    Best Vacation Spot: Breckenridge Colorado

    Cook or Go Out: Cook

    Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Mountains

    Favorite coaster: Millenium Force

    Favorite videogame: Any Ace Combat and RCT2

    Favorite boardgame: LIFE

    Favorite book: Anything by John J. Nance(Airline Thrillers)

    Favorite magazine: Popular Science

    Non Coaster Passtimes: Travel, Music, Hanging out, Hockey, School stuff

    Wishes: Get accepted to college after I made the decision to procrastinate and have my Powerbook fixed.

    Films I'm looking forward to : Shrek the 3ed, any new thrillers

    Favourite inversion: Vertical Loop... the classic.

    Favourite ride (non-rollercoaster): Delirium

    Favourite type of car: Acura TSX and RL and any post 2001 Bimmer

    Favourite personal items: All my Apple stuff and my Hoodies

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