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  1. Just noticed that Hurricane Harbor is no longer included in day tickets--it's a $7 add-on. But it is included if you get any kind of pass. Is this new for this season?
  2. Seeing the Supergirl ride takes me back to the time when a friend and I thought we were waiting for Superman and were dismayed to discover we had waited for Nightwing instead. Questions on Flash Pass if anyone can help: Does The Flash Pass usually sell out on Fridays? Is there any advantage to pre-paying for the Flash Pass online? Can you go straight to pick up the Flash Pass if you've prepaid online or do you have to wait in the regular line and watch the video? Thanks!
  3. Former season pass holder taking my first trip in about 5 years soon--can't wait to try Wicked Cyclone, based on comments here. Two questions if anyone can help out: 1. Does Superman The Ride have seat belts in conjunction with those thick-looking lap bars? 2. I swear I once got some kind of Flash Pass equivalent for Hurricane Harbor--would have been around 2013-2015. I assume this has been discontinued, as I don't see it on the website anymore. (it also didn't work very well) Does anyone remember this existing at SFNE?
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