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  1. Ok, not a bad video, but they definitely need to polish up on their flying skills. I'd have to say a little dangerous with the park open and people everywhere. I was almost expecting them to fly through Full Throttle's loop! DJI FPV DRONE - 6 Flags Magic Mountain
  2. Imagine if this happened at SFMM... ‘Terrified to go back.’ People caught in Six Flags chaos reflect, question response
  3. Looks like they are setting up for Holiday in the Park according to this video show by Santa Clarita Drone. 0:00 - Holiday in the Parking coming? Decorations say possibly. 1:42 - Raptor area, no visible construction 3:03 - Construction in front of ticket booths. Temperature check area? 3:35 - Random park shots
  4. In regards to something new being built, Can you give us any clues or let us know what it might be?
  5. https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/arts-and-entertainment/magic-mountain/two-teens-arrested-for-felony-vandalism-at-magic-mountain-after-posting-video-on-social-media-343404 "Two teens were arrested on Friday for felony vandalism after posting a video on social media showing a group of teens breaking into Six Flags Magic Mountain and causing damage."
  6. Will coronavirus outbreak delay Six Flags Magic Mountain's 2021 coaster project?
  7. How have the crowds been with all the talk about Coronavirus? Has anyone seen SFMM do any preventative measures to combat it possibly in the park?
  8. SFMM pushed out an email this morning with this announcement: I can't wait to check out this ride and explore the full area once they get it all open.
  9. What ever happened to the massive parking lot solar panel project planned for SFMM that was announced back in February 2018? Six Flags plans North America's largest solar carport at Magic Mountain
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