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  1. On 11/25/2021 at 10:27 AM, shoesfather said:

    Are we thinking it will be pretty crowded on Black Friday? 

    Can confirm is was NOT packed at all. Everything was a walk on except Mind Bender which had horribly slow operations. My experience on the ride this time around was much better than last time. The trims before the second loop were greatly reduced and there was no hang time like earlier this year. On the contrary, the first set of trims were shaving a lot of speed, so much that it looked like the ride would almost valley coming out of the helix. It looks like they're still working out the kinks in getting it to run just right. Other than that, fantastic day! Best I've had in a long time!

  2. 14 hours ago, tndank said:

    Mindbender is a shell of it's former self.  Got on it Saturday and it's just as bad as I expected.  Trains look horrible.  The two trims are awful.  Intensity has been dropped to near zero.  

    The only thing  good about the update is the new operator building in the station.  I bet they appreciate that. 


    The way the trains need to be loaded sucks too, I feel like if they cut down the trims it will definitely be more intense. Time to petition management.

  3. 46 minutes ago, IronWolfman said:

    I know some people were discussing the "Mystery Project" for next year, is that in reference to the old Shoot-the-Chute plot? I'm wondering what people are thinking is coming. I've heard RMC Raptor and Maxx Force-type S&S Air Launch as primary rumors across Reddit & other forums. At this point, they still don't have MindBender open, so they might just delay that again

    I would kill for an S&S Air Launch style coaster, but I feel like well end up getting a 4D Freespin since were overdue for one anyway.🙈 

    Fingers crossed though.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Canobie Coaster said:

    Riddler Mindbender started testing yesterday.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to the Instagram user that caught it, but it's an encouraging sign.

    The only thing I didn't realize with this update is that the trains were shortened from 7 cars to 5 cars, assuming they're currently testing the final trains.  I wasn't expecting this update to reduce the capacity like that.

    That's great to hear!! On the note of the shorter trains, I'm pretty sure there's going to be 3 of them again instead of 2. Will they use all 3? Probably not.

  5. Went to the park today and got there a little after 12:00. Lots of people for an overcast day. Probably the shortest wait to get into the park I've ever had, much better than opening day! We only Todd a couple of rides before leaving due to our hunger and not wanting to wait an hour and a half for overpriced food. Ride operations were on point and the only slowdowns experienced were due to guests and not the ops. There was visible work happening on Mind Bender but no sign of new trains or testing going on. It looks sooooo good now that it's all painted. I hope they get it open before the end of the summer.

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  6. For some reason the website is flipping my pictures no matter how I save them, so some of them are upside down now is upside down!

    After the headache inducing process of picking up our season pass, we made a B-line to Goliath.  It's becoming more and more shaky as the years drag on, I'm hoping there's a solution in the future for this as its only going to get worse.


    Here's the new sign for Gotham City, I don't strongly dislike it, but I do miss the old 90s Time warner Gotham. 


    Work continues on Mind Bender (you can see some welding going on in the bottom left)


    The LED light package on "DC Super Villains Swing" is VERY bright.


    Truly the low point of the day, everyone already knows but it breaks my heart.  Walking down to what's left of LickSkillet, my greatest fears were realized.


    The Sky Buckets are no more, I believe my last ride was in summer of 2019.  I always made an effort to ride it every time I visited. Both stations are still intact along with all the towers, but its obvious that this classic is done.


     Maybe they'll end up using the old station as a que house for a new attraction, though it will probably just get leveled eventually.


    All right enough grieving, time for some really good news!! I am happy to say that GASM is rideable again!!! Track work has been done all the way through the second drop, and while the rest of the ride is still a little bumpy, I experienced no jack hammering!  The trim after the final turn around also seemed to be off or toned way down on both of our rides.  


    Nothing new to see here...


    Tried to ride Pandemonium but it kept on going down due to that one guy who always pulls down on the OSTRs. (Can they ban him???)


    Twisted Cyclone was as good and forceful as ever! Also these new signs have popped up all over alerting guests of the changing elevations.


    Something not good happened in the parking lot...


    Overall take-aways:

    It's more or less the same Six Flags, operations were about the same (for better or for worse) when we hit Super Man, they were actually keeping trains from stacking!  Food service on the other hand was as awful, we tried to use the online ordering system and ended up waiting for an hour and a half for food. (longest that day)

    I'll be back when the weather is warmer and Mind Bender is open.

    Goliath x 4

    Batman x 1

    DDD x 1

    Blue Hawk x 1

    GASM x 2

    SUF x 1

    Mine Train x 1

    TC x 2 



  7. Another year, another opening day trip report!  We've got some good, and some bad(prepare to cry) and everything in between.

    We got to the park a little before opening and the lines were very long (theme of the day) though we got through and found parking pretty quickly.


    Mind Bender is looking very GREEN, minus the section on the "second" loop. It's looking very good, but is nowhere near opening, let alone testing.  From what I saw, the ride has no chain and no sign of any new trains either.


    Looking towards the bottom right, it looks like they are adding on the station a little. The primer grey track is still visible too.


    After the headache inducing process of picking up our season pass, we made a B-line to Goliath.  It's becoming more and more shaky as the years drag on, I'm hoping there's a solution in the future for this as its only going to get worse.



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