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  1. The rumor is that the lands will be Nintendo, Classic Monsters, Fantastic Beasts and How to Train Your Dragon (who knows why), with at least two more expansion pads. I think the idea of having a huge hub which each land being its own contained area that dead ends (you don't connect between the lands) is somewhat interesting and *maybe* makes things more immersive. I also read somewhere that the coaster will not be "dueling."

  2. I have read from earlier trip reports in this thread that fast lanes are probably not necessary on Wednesday or Thursdays?


    That would be correct. You never know for sure, but I wouldn't expect crowds. Don't buy Fastlane in advance unless you really, really, really like Vekoma flying coasters.


    My relationship with Vekoma flying coasters is probably best described as "abusive."


    Thank you all for the responses. I can't wait to ride Fury 325.

  3. I am considering visiting Carowinds for the first time next week on either Thursday (August 8?) or possibly Wednesday. I notice that they have a promotion with tickets and parking for $29.99. I am *assuming* it's because that's a typically slow day? Has anyone been to these promo Thursdays yet and have a sense of crowds?


    I have read from earlier trip reports in this thread that fast lanes are probably not necessary on Wednesday or Thursdays?

  4. Great report. Loved the photos of the scenery, and reminds me how beautiful the Alps are.

    I am surprised by the tepid rides on Wodan. To me, that was the dark horse secret surprise when I visited Europa Park.

    It felt wildly out of control, and although there were only a couple air pops, they were intense (particularly the one as they take the photo). The park is amazing.


    I NEED to get to GE Force - your photos were mouthwatering.

  5. Is it really that costly to design an extra 50 feet of ramp after the plunge for the braking ?

    I think the answer is yes. You're also going to have to have an extra 50 feet out and 50 feet back. That might require several extra support beams, concrete footers, and space.


    understood - but it is likely the "cheapest" portion of the ride (essentially ground level). I appreciate the space issue, and braking on the downhill also serves to control speed, which also limits space needed for braking on the straight line section. Still.... most coasters have a straight-line braking section and with magnetic brakes, the space needed is comparatively minimal ....


    That said, I haven't been on YOLO (or obviously this one), so maybe the braking doesn't really take away from the final plunge sensation?

  6. I loved Tokyo DisneySea. My only "regret" is that the crowds were INSANE and literally could only get on a handful of rides. But still loved just walking around and looking at the theming.


    The expansion looks fantastic. I wonder why they are not doing a Matterhorn-style ride for Frozen: if there was ever a movie that seemed to set up that kind of ride, the Frozen sleigh ride scene down the mountain seemed to be it. (I have a soft spot for Matterhorn, and particularly love all the riding through the caverns inside the mountain -- there are so many cool things you can do with a coaster darting in and out of those spaces. I was disappointed that Everest comparatively had little to none of that (mostly in the dark). I sure wish they had executed that Swiss Pavillion plan for Epcot).

  7. I also mourn the loss of Dueling Dragons, especially when it dueled. It was a great roller coaster, and surprisingly intense.

    That said, I actually do understand why Universal / Rowling apparently thought it was out of place in Potter land, both thematically not quite fitting in with Potter land (although they could have done more to theme the ride area itself), and, maybe more importantly, perhaps being a bit too intense for the Potter demographic (which I am guessing is younger and more focused on theme than pure intense thrills -- just a guess here, not a Potter fan?).


    I think if they are focused on wanting to create one expansive, cohesive, thematic Potter area, this was smart from a *business* perspective to have a small cluster of rides more closely connected and themed to the movie and having similar ride intensities. And then put in the Jurassic Park coaster to make sure those who want more intense thrills can get them there.


    Not saying I like it, but I understand the thought process behind it.

  8. As a side note, is it sacriligeous to secretly wish for an RMC conversion of the Beast?


    It feels wrong to even type that, but there is a part of me that would think they could do an amazing thing with that layout and track length. To be honest, the only thing I would miss would be that out-of-control feeling on the helix which would be hard to replicate with steel track, but imagine what RMC could do with the first leg through the woods, peppering it with bunny hills, surprise inversions, and other goodies.

  9. the moaning over the Giga is indeed annoying. It will be fun no matter what.


    But I do understand some "mild" disappointment if indeed the ride is mostly high off the ground and a very short ride experience. In particular, Kings Island has a pretty unique wooden, slightly hilly landscape, that is perfect for terrain coasters (like the Beast) -- why not take greater advantage of it? If *I* were designing the ride (and I should be!), I would have kept as much as possible low to the ground, with low turns, to be a Beast-like counterpart through the woods, which would be amazing. It may also reduce costs to have fewer high supports (but see below).


    That said, the obvious problem is that at these giga velocities you can eat up a ton of track and space in the blink of an eye (and there goes your cost savings). Probably the only way a low-to-the-ground design could work with a giga would be to have the first have more traditional "hills" and then bleed a lot of speed out of it in a mid-course brake (shudder) and have the second half be the extended low-to-the-ground experience.


    But, jeez, some parks don't get anything like this -- ever....

  10. Great report.

    I just got back from Shanghai (and Hong Kong) Disney parks, and I agree that the Pirates ride in Shanghai is absolutely outstanding. Great, great ride (enjoyed it much more than Mystic Manor, which is very good).


    I LOVED the look of the Shanghai Tomorrowland, and the music was great and even somewhat eerie(?). Tron is architecturally beautiful and a really fun ride. My only "gripe" was how much braking occurred in the dark through each block brake -- it somewhat killed the momentum and the ride could have used a little more speed, but still a great ride.


    Overall, the Shanghai park is great to look at, and has lots of quality rides, but it's still a little ride-lite. I understand the Chinese audience enjoys live shows and therefore there are a ton of those, but I think the park will really be outrageously good if they can add just a couple more rides, particularly a Thunder/ Grizzly Mountain or Matterhorn /Everest coaster.

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