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  1. It was a "smooth start" today, so it closed at seven. Tomorrow is official opening day, so I assume it will be open until 2300. Hope they get the queing sorted by tomorrow as well. A bit of a mess today. I was refused the single queue because it was "too long". Took me an hour in the regular queue. When I got to the end they took 5 people from the single queue who had waited only 15 minutes, in front of me, and I had to wait for the next ride. They were clearly a bit stressed, first day on the job
  2. The drop was awesome! The ride was supersmooth! But way too short!
  3. I'm in the regular queue right now. Single queue too long they said! Asy least there's a separate queue asy the end for first row seats. I'll be on it in a few minutes now
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