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  1. Except that larger people can fit on Looping Starship and not Delirious; that and Looping Starship can be a bit more 'extreme' in the hangtime upside down if the operator hits the speed just right. A couple of times I was hanging upside down for a solid twenty to thirty seconds and that just doesn't happen ever on Delirious
  2. I think it would be nice to get another thrill-flat ride, especially if they take out Looping Starship. We really haven't gotten good (if any) replacements when these rides leave; with possible exception to Enterprise. I miss having some of the "fair" type rides such as topspin, chaos, bayern kurve, and even the so-called skycoaster. If we can't have a new roller coaster, I think they should invest in two or three "new" flat rides to fill in the spaces around the park for next year.
  3. valleyfair doesn’t attract many tourists. And the locals who visit valleyfair are tired of riding the same rides year after year with only a minor addition to look forward to. As a local myself I totally agree with this statement.
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