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  1. When I went in July it was pouring most of the day and they were both running although I passed on Intimidator, the rain hurts super bad at 90 mph
  2. Anyone know anything about the bonus day on Saturday Nov 3? They added it to their schedule a few weeks ago, don't know if it will be Haunt or not. Was hoping for one last visit without the Haunt crowds.
  3. Yikes. Do they pat you down or what? Or do they just ask you and hope you don't lie? (Sorry I'm asking so many stupid questions... I have yet to go to a park with such a draconian policy) In addition to about 3 or 4 large signs, the person at the front is watching pretty closely and asking everyone if they have a phone. You're allowed keys, wallet, etc. in secured pockets, just not a phone. If you wear glasses without a strap, they'll even tell you to put them in your pocket. The ride operators MUST pull down your lapbar, and they don't allow any riders to do it themselves. If anyone does, they unlock that row and reset until the ride op pulls it down. I'm guessing that's also a way of looking for any sort of phone shaped object in people's pockets that may have slipped through. Ops pushing down the lap bar is a fairly new policy as well, I was there in July and I don't recall them doing that and I was there this past Sunday and they are very strictly enforcing the lap bar policy.
  4. It was running Saturday when I was there and it was raining pretty good. As long as no thunder or lightning I’d imagine you’d be ok.
  5. I love SDL, the loop is fantastic and the helix at the end is pretty darn good as well.
  6. Man Twisted Timbers is insane, I got stapled bad on my first ride in the last row and thought that was gonna ruin it but it still did not dissapoint. Second ride in back row again I got a decent amount of slack and it was just literally nuts.
  7. Well I went and the rain was a lot worse than projected. Ended up only riding Timbers twice(which is an amazing ride), Grizzly, Anaconda & Dominator. Really wanted to finally ride Intimidator but it was raining too hard and I couldn’t open my eyes and the rain even hurt my face while on Dominator so I dipped early. Didn’t wait for anything so that was nice just wish it wasn’t raining so hard. Pretty sure Volcano is down for the season.
  8. Planning on going to KD tomorrow 7/21, looks like its going to rain most of the morning and midday, any rides they won't run in the rain? Also, what rides other than Twisted Timbers would I need a locker for, I'll probably just have a fanny pack?
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