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  1. I went to Wonderland on Sunday Oct. 29th. The park was dead. The ride attendants insisted we keep staying on the rides and keep the fun going. We got in at 10am. No rides seemed to be running until about 10:20am. We were able to go on all the major rides but Leviathan which wasn't running. We hit the Wonderland Store where everything was 50% off. We were out of the park just before 12. The wooden coasters did nor run. Infact, they didn't even test them while I was there. I could see the track covered in snow not touched from the previous snowfall. Top Gun ahem... Flight Deck was only running one train. Time Warp wasn't running either.
  2. The best way to get action in that area is to build a really great new attraction. You can't do it any other way. So I would say what they are doing is actually really good. The park needs to be more evened out in terms of attractions to keep traffic flow better among its guests.
  3. It would make more sense just to build a parking garage at the hotel site which isn't near the main parking area. This parking garage would be reserved for hotel guests only obviously.
  4. I appreciate the videos but I haven't been watching lately as the videos are longer than they need to be. A simpler and shorter intro would be better too. I am always reminded what my English teacher told me many years ago. You can write a great essay in 1000 words. If you can write the essay in 750 words and get the same point across. It's even better. Although being concise is a skill earned. I always like the videos and share them with friends when I can to show the appreiciation of his hard work.
  5. Minimum Wage went up long ago. It was $5 as of the last week in June when I went on a weekday. As for people giving away free fast lane plus cards, the same can be said for any game in the park and its prizes. The last time I went the supervisor had to come over to give the fast lane cards when we won.
  6. First time I saw Sledge Hammer working today any time I have gone this season. What's the deal with the fast pass plinko game going from $5 to $10 each turn? I usually hit the park every two weeks and spend $10-15 on the game. With the cost doubling... it's simply not worth it with the chance of getting something really bad like Backlot Stunt Coaster, Flight Deck or Frontier Pack (Soaring Timbers and Lumberjack).
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