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  1. Maybe one of the motors up top broke. That seems to be the area they’ve been working on.
  2. Anyone know what’s going on with West Coast Racers? They better not open the ride and area unfinished like they did with Full Throttle.
  3. SFMM has a hard time hiring employees. Fright Fest is extremely understaffed even on Saturdays. They also have signs all over the park saying to apply because they don’t get enough applicants during the Fall, Winter, and Spring operating months.
  4. Why does the park run 2 stations on Tatsu with only 2 trains? There are some instances when both trains are out on the track and everyone in the station is just standing there. They should only be doing this when they have 3 trains.
  5. Last Year, for Season Passes and the Dining Pass, they claimed the Flash Sale ended on a certain day but ended up extending the time by more than a week.
  6. Do you think the chain was losing money on this 365 day campaign? I know a few days during the winter season there were only 2 rows of cars in the first parking lot. It was rare to see any guests on the midways during these days. It was mainly just employees walking to their position.
  7. My favorite part of SFMM is the dirty walkways from all the vehicles driving on it during the closed hours. Another bonus is the filthy appearance of the trash cans. Are power washers not in the budget?
  8. The park needs something BIG for 2019. Anything less won’t be able to steal the crowds from Star Wars Land. It’s possible the new Coaster could go over Roaring Rapids and the midways
  9. All the people that visit the California parks have probably never been to a park on the east like Cedar Point. A majority of guests that visit SFMM don’t even know what Cedar Point is. They don’t have the experience of a true hyper or giga coaster because Goliath, is the biggest thing we got here in the highly populated California. It’s sad but very few people have been on rides like Nitro, Millennium Force, Fury 325, and Diamondback. Goliath is the best we got.
  10. Goliath gets highly criticized by the enthusiasts but the attraction is extremely popular with the general public because it’s one of the biggest coasters on the west coast.
  11. I like how at Knott’s there is no start or cut off time for their dining pass. It’s just a 4 hour wait in between your two meals. However, there is no snack with the Knott’s Dining Pass.
  12. I’ve noticed when they are loading guest on CraZanity they are allowed to sit wherever they want meaning the guests leave empty seats in between each party. I wish it was like at SFDK where they have you start at one seat and fill all the rest in a circle with the employee making sure no seats are skipped.
  13. I was browsing the public Snap Chat story for Six Flags Magic Mountain and saw that people were sitting/standing in the planters in front of CraZanity and on the concrete foundation of that blue support
  14. Not sure if this was mentioned already but CraZanity does have Flash Pass, you head up through the exit
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