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  1. idk if it was the day I went but I wont be surprised if they remove some rides that have alot of staff and replace the ride with a less staffed ride.
  2. I noticed that to! I was at the park and noticed that there was a cover over the ship itself. I called up the park to ask why and they said,"Ugh maintenance I don't know when its gonna reopen." I was confused but I hope that there not gonna remove it cause it's a nice ride, but I really noticed the staffing issues. In the morning I noticed it with Hydro Blaster that it was open in the morning but they closed it when the water park opened up. After the staff member went to Trabant that had no staff member there and it was closed. Also Be Bop Blvd was only running one side when it had a 20-30 minute wait.What I didn't understand was that there was a staff member on the bridge for Adventure Falls when you could just have an announcement on the bridge and that its there fault if they don't hold on and fall when the wave comes over. I really hope the staffing issue isn't the case that we aren't getting anything major.
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