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  1. Visited on Thurs. Only one train running on LR. Waits were 45 to 60mins. On Sat they had 2 trains running after noon. Posted wait time said 10mins but was more like 30. Went down for maintenance around 2pm for about 30mins. Firechaser on Thurs was 30min wait and was a great ride. Whole family loved the theme. It did close for about 25 mins when we were in the start house due to the fireworks trucks driving the night's supplies up the road. Wild Eagle was never more than a 10 minute wait. Often it was only that long due to slow load cycles. My kids loved Thunderhead. I rode it once an
  2. Thanks to every one on this forum for all of the info. We are from Texas and My family visited Dollywood last summer for the first time and fell in love with the park. So we are going again next week on a last minute trip. I booked us at the Dollywood DreamMore because it advertised the TimeSaver. For a family of 4 this seemed to be a nobrainer vs staying in a chain hotel. I now see that this timesaver is limited based on reading this message board. Now i am wondering if we should just stay at a chain and pay for the unlimited time saver oit of pocket. Or is there a way to upgrade with Drea
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