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  1. The ride is already open. These maintenance guys don’t get paid enough.
  2. I can attest to the horrible gatekeeper ops. I was there recently and they were stacking every time. They we’re moving awfully slow and the rattle was the worst ive ever felt on it. I don’t even bother going to the front half of the park anymore.
  3. I am pretty confident that the MCBR isn't programmed as a block brake, just a trim. The lift hill speeds up when the brake run has a block open. They wouldn't have to wait for brake run to be clear if the MCBR was programmed. I do agree that this whole thing is out of caution. The MCBR still trims every ride, except at night it tends to stop for some reason. I only get my trimless rides at night now.
  4. Oh I can't believe I forgot to mention this. I can confirm that last night around 11:00, Steel Vengeance was cycling with 3 trains with people. I have no idea why they were doing it because the MCBR wasn't even being used as a block. They had to wait for the train to hit the finals brakes to dispatch. I was on Maverick because SV had an empty train stuck at the top of the lift and they wouldn't let us in line. At the airtime hill on the first half of Maverick, I saw the transfer shed empty and got excited because the ride was running with people too. When I got off the ride I walked up the exit stairs of SV and behold the transfer shed was empty still. I got in line and saw all 3 different zero cars with my own eyes. Unfortunately about 2/3 of the way through the tunnel before it broke down and they transferred a train off. I don't know if this is really progress though because the final brake run needs an open block before the lift can be cleared. I know this seems super sketchy, I am personally confused myself. It is just something to keep an eye on in the future because this could be very exciting.
  5. Maverick also had a full fast lane queue at night too. They need to start capping the sales more to protect both fast lane users and the non users. I wouldn’t want to pay $110 to wait 30 minutes for Maverick and 45 for Steel Vengeance when I could pay nothing and get on in 45 and 90.
  6. Fast Lane Plus is out of control. The line for it was out of the queue for Steel Vengeance today. They got one complaint and the standby line went from maybe 60-75 min to over 2 hours. The ratios on the seat assigning are atrocious. I would be fine if it was just consistent. It took me 20 minutes just to go from the stairs to the station. I just don’t understand why every single person wants to ride Steel Vengeance because not one other ride has a substantial Fast Lane queue right now.
  7. That was my reddit. It ran like that all day. It is sad that the MCBR still isn't a block, but it is two train ops in the end so it isn't a big deal. It 100% was running with three trains in the morning. I remember seeing the transfer track empty while the coaster was actually running multiple times this morning which was really nice to see. I never saw it stop on the MCBR for a block test though.
  8. I would assume it has to do with the operators. The line on these ERT nights opens a good hour and a half after the park closes. The ride ops will be up until 2 AM if they had SV on night ERT with these late closings now. It is also not fair to the enthusiasts because most of them don't have a house near by and can't afford to stay that late at night. The next SV night is at an 8pm closing which makes sense.
  9. Blackjack is currently running in 2 train ops with Chess (with riders). We are one step closer to three trains.
  10. People are saying that "the gold and black trains are testing." Blackjack is the black one so that would probably explain why it isn't running considering it has been sitting on blocks of wood since April. Great to hear that it is finally being used if it is in fact true
  11. Millennium is only on the normal FL because you need some incentive for somebody who can’t pay for the plus. No point in selling a product to skip lines that aren’t existant. I know Kings Island had Diamondback on the regular FL for a while, it may still be.
  12. They have to wait for the previous train to stop on the brake run basically. The fact that they are ready for dispatch in 60 seconds futher supports the need for 3 train ops. The clock is timed to the previous train arriving back for the most part.
  13. Sometimes they wiill test millennium with water dummies with only seat belts, the lap bars stay up. This was anout 3 seasons ago so the may have changed their procedures. I just found that to be funny.
  14. I do not believe so. And there are tales the seatbelts are even shorter this season (but I think that tale circulates every season). It actually doesn’t shock me if it was. I am a 6’1 175 lb high school athlete and the seat belt was almost too short for me yesterday... I would consider myself to be fit and at a normal body weight. Don’t feel bad if you don’t make it because the ride isn’t that good anyway.
  15. Anybody notice that the red light on top of the lift hill isn't flashing at night? Isn't that like highly illegal?
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