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  1. Looks like pats for West Coast Racers has started to show up. This is where they stored some parts for crazanity when it showed up.
  2. And it’s the day before Six Flags announces their other rides, seems like it’s going to be fairly important/big!
  3. I won’t completely disagree with this, however, a survey company typically will not want the liability of locating buried utility’s. They are almost always marked from the respective utility companies and with a specific color associated for the type of utility (blue=water, yellow=gas, red=electric, orange=communications). Also, If they are there for marking utilities they aren’t going to mark them outside of the “work zone” by too much of a margin because it’s not needed. So it goes to show how large the area could potentially be.
  4. I have seen survey markers in these locations, and that’s just what I’ve seen so it goes to reason that the construction site can grow in size. It’s still “summer season” so they may be waiting to completely close cyclone bay off to finish demo.
  5. Went to the park today after work for some dinner and took a stroll over to cyclone bay. Looks like the work area is a bit bigger than we think. It’s hard to say what these might be for...they don’t have anything written on them that you would understand unless you had a set of plans. And it’s not colored right for utility marking (which survey USUALY doesn’t do anyway) and there would be no need to mark utility’s out there unless the “work limits” go out that far. Oh and it looks like they are going to install more railing at Crazanity to try and keep people off the planter. Survey wood! More survey wood! Spot the “hard to see but definitely there survey wood”! Easier to see survey wood! Looks like they are going to install some more railing at Crazanity.
  6. They already have water effects on apocalypse, they just don’t run them when the ride is running! Lol
  7. I’ve seen some survey stakes next to apocalypse for a few weeks but I can’t see what is written on them from my point of view. They could just be “job limits” or control points for the construction crew to calibrate the project to. This early into the project they won’t give too much insight to what’s going to be built if any. There is likely so much demo that needs to be done that there won’t be any stakes that show much.
  8. A Mack Spinner doesn’t make sense if it’s going to be race themed. Also, Six Flags isn’t going to worry about the development behind them, most of the development right next the the park is going to be retail/commercial/industrial etc...the residential buildings should be further back away from the park itself. Newhall Land/5points isn’t stupid enough to build homes that close and have the commercial lots farther away.
  9. There is going to be a good bit of usable land back there. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do. Also, I’m curious as to what the extents of apocalypse work is being done.
  10. Not to detract from Crazanity opening, but I spy an excavator doing some demo on what looks like a building. Also looks like there is a piece of apocalypse track missing.
  11. I’ll try and keep updating on things going on back there. I have a pretty unique vantage point of the park that no one else gets to see. I might even get some time to take some drone shots every now and then.
  12. No video, my vantage point didn’t yield a very good video with my phone. I will try and get one tomorrow if I see it testing again.
  13. Crazanity has been cycling all day. It is reaching what looks like it’s max swing. That thing sure looks like a monster!
  14. Does anyone know if this closure has happened yet? If so, where did they put up the "walls" to block the area and what attractions were included in the closed off area? I see them putting one "wall" right after the exit of Roaring Rapids heading down the hill and the other before/after Cyclone 500. Does anyone have any pictures of the closed off areas? I don’t think the closure has happened yet, apocalypse was still running all day today.
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