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  1. I'm interested to see the 195 ft net bridge trail as that has not been included in the several pieces of artwork. Apparently Whitewater West makes ropes/net courses so I can only assume this is all them.
  2. Went to the park on Saturday night and it was probably the worst Dorney Park experience of my life. Grand Carnivale looks very well done however that area of the park is not meant to house 25,000 people. It was a total clusterfuck. Also, I was blown away by how much weed I smelled throughout the night. I was an avid pothead till my late 20s, but I barely saw any security throughout the night. There was an instance where a group was in a circle passing around green like it was nothing. Just saying that its a family environment and not yet legal. The park needs to own this issue and ramp up security. Also, food services usually hits its stride by this point in the summer, however it was worse than ever on Saturday night. I waited for a Chicken & Shrimp basket for 20 minutes with not a single person in front of me in line. Kid left the register after taking my order and began cleaning tables/the condiment stand. Came back and asked me what I was waiting for. The girl who was "preparing" food in the back of the stand just stared at the wall and wouldn't acknowledge me.
  3. Here's some info on the current capital plan: 2020 - WhiteWater will provide the new water fortress and the entire "island" will receive upgrades - Winterfest coming - Thunderhawk will get its tunnel back (originally planned for 2019 and cut due to budget constraints) 2021 - modernization of Lollipop Lagoon and path connecting center of WWK - Greek mythology visits the old Stinger site.
  4. Since these boards have been so freaking dead for awhile I have one item that was shared with me. The park is giving strong consideration to retiring the Enterprise and replacing it with a Zamperla Endeavor, which from what I'm told is similar but more like a "Paratrooper on Steroids". Enterprise's maintenance costs are growing and its just coming to the end of its useful life. Doesn't sound like a 2019 addition but something to keep an eye on. No additional word on Winterfest other than they believe the Lehigh Valley would respond really well to the event.
  5. at the end of ride cycles I would sometimes say on the mic “enjoy your night here at ValleyScare! ” and occasionally some of the guests would get a decent scare out of the evil laughter. No they wouldn’t.
  6. Fatty is in Blood on the Bayou. Agree that is one of the best haunted houses. Dinos is still open until the end of the season. It closes at 5pm every day now. Would be fun to walk through at night. They should turn it into a haunt attraction with the Dinos on. That would be a good one to hand out flashlights. My bad....I guess they all start to run together after a couple haunted house. Also, appreciate the explanation for Dinos and definitely makes a lot more sense. I'll keep it as closed for my kids. They thought they were in an abandoned amusement park and will probably remember that forever. Was a fun experience and we questioned at the time why they wouldn't turn it into a haunt attraction. My guess is liabilities tied to the contract with the Dinos owner but whatever.
  7. Took the family to Haunt on Friday night and had a great time. Couple of notes: - Blood on the Bayou is the best maze. Good theming, decent length and perfect mix of actors/effects. The snake at the end is perfect and I know why everyone was walking out with smiles and laughing. - Trick or Treat (In the Dark) is a waste of space. I imagine the flashlight idea was a way of getting another year out of it before a total revamp. They had us enter in a group of 8, which was two groups of three and one couple. We were the middle group of three and didn't receive a flashlight. They give one to the leader and one to the person on the end. The flashlights don't even make a difference. The maze is wayyyyy too short and crowded with annoying witches. - Urgent Scare has the best prop. Overweight, bed ridden fatty who farts the whole time and includes a nice poop stain. Loved it. My eight year old is still laughing. Also got to give props to the handicapped gentleman at the entry. He's having fun with his deformity and for that I give him a lot of credit. If only more people weren't as uptight as this guy..... - HiJinx Brewery's Haunted Hops is a great beer. Had two and loved them. Great feeling walking around a park with a can in your hand. Hoppy IPA with nodes of citrus. Port of Call was also a nice addition, my wife and I grabbed a couple Snake Bites there while the kids dance with a pirate character. Last but not least....Dinosaurs Alive! The exit for Necropolis shares the entrance for Dinos so I brought my youngest down there to wait for my wife and other son to exit the graveyard. I noticed no ropes or anything so we walked a little further.....nothing. We kept going till we were standing beneath a brontosaurus. All the motion sensors are still on and we walked the entire course twice. These lizards still roar and move like its noon on Saturday in July. We grabbed a couple really cool photos of the silhouette of the brontosaurus with the fog and attractions in the background. Walking out of the path we realized that the gift shop was unlocked and still had candy, water and gifts ripe for the taking. A little surprised Dorney didn't take more precautions to rope this up, but it was a unexpected fun trip that will never happen again. Maybe I'm the last customer to walk that path...... All in all a well run event, even with the B-group behind the counters preparing food. Looking forward to the Winterfest after seeing what they are doing at Worlds of Fun.
  8. Going on Friday or saturday with the family. Can't wait to drink and walk around the park!
  9. Firehawk is dead. Scrap metal is going for $200 a ton these days. How do you think Kings Island is paying off all those permanent Winterfest fixtures they installed a few months back?
  10. Gotta admit the discussion yesterday kind of scared me. So I texted a FTE who has worked at the park since the late 90's and would have knowledge of the situation. He confirmed that Firehawk is not coming to the park.
  11. just want to go on record and say that our maintenance team is stellar. Hardest working team at the park.
  12. Dorney will be getting Winterfest next year. Smart move and a decent amount of capex goes into getting this event off the ground. Will do well as Lights on the Parkway, LV Zoo and other Christmas themed events in the area perform well. Still working on other improvements in the park.
  13. It's going to be a disappointing 2019 for the dry side from what I heard last night. Capex is being reduced largely due to bad weather/slow attendance.
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