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  1. Hey guys, I bet you get this question alllll the time but I just got the itinerary for my trip to LA/San Fran/San Diego and wanted to know a few things.


    We arrive on the 3rd and leave on the 18th and I'm just wondering what the weather will be like. I've heard its heaps cold.


    We go to Disney land on Tuesday the 6th, Knott's on Wednesday the 7th and Universal on Friday the 9th. Any idea what the crowds are gonna be like? Cheers guys.


    Edit: January is the month.

  2. Lol, i thought this was going to be something about Climate Change destroying New Jersey, or the Island of Jersey. Also, i don't really think i've met an Australian kid who likes American Football! Although, since you are from Canberra, may i assume your'e from America?

    Lol nah, pretty much a sport to keep me interested in the off season when the Super 14 and NRL aren't on and I'm not playing rugby.


    Urlachers my favorite player but he will be everyones after superbowl so I'm thinking Champ.

  3. Xbox 360

    2 Wireless controllers

    PGR3 and DOA4

    250 bucks

    some clothes

    new boxing kit

    4 DVDs

    shower radio

    new footie


    Thats all, been a bit sad today knowing it will be my grandmas last christmas with us so we spent about 4 hours with her.


    I still gotta get my presents from gold coast family and some more canberra relos.

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