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  1. In the 90s I really wasn't impressed with the 2nd lift being in the whole mix. I think it killed the vibe. Now riding the best suspended coaster in the world and the US' best in the same month: that really enhanced BBW. In April 2007 I was in Korea. Early in the month I got Eagle Fortress. Then at the end of the month I was at Busch Gardens. That made Big Bad Wolf seem like it was on crack getting on both coasters within days of each other.

  2. I may go with an Olympus Rough this Black Friday. I've had 2 Kodak cameras that cracked and broke on the screens on the Canobie Corkscrew and Geauga Lake's Thunderhawk. Finally I upgraded to a Canon is720. The LCD is fine but the battery door broke open. I want a camera that could better survive the lateral forces while in my pocket during a cycle. My Canon lasted about 2-3 years.

  3. I'm a fan of the name. I'm on a hunt to go see a cheetah. I don't have a gun and don't intend to shoot it. Get over it. Cheetah was already taken by Wild Adventures, Cheetaka is a weird name. I'm fine with this one.


    The restraints are hit or miss. I got bashed on Maverick, at least a whack on the original Intimidator 305 restraints. We'll see what happens. Americans are too fat hence the overheads. I manage alright on Kingda Ka and Stormrunner.

  4. I'm glad as of last Friday night it looked like the first layer of asphalt was removed for the area that will house the lift and first drop of Green Lantern. Friday night I think we had half of the green track for the coaster laying in the temporary staging lot.


    If the park still had that 80's fire engine serving the park I approve the fire department being disbanded. Typical fire truck lifespan is now about 20 years, like GASM. A new fire truck is at least a half million.

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