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  1. Hello everyone, First time posting, long time reader. Not sure if anyone else saw this, but Screamscape posted they heard a rumour that DL may be planning for a new coaster for 2018/2019. " icon_STOP2018/2019 - New Coaster - Rumor - (6/21/17) Screamscape was sent an interesting rumor about the future of Darien Lake this week. According to our source, the park may finally be working on building a new steel coaster for the park, to open as early as the 2018 season. If the rumor holds true, I’m told that the coaster would come from a German manufacturer (which more than likely points to Mack Rides or Gerstaluer), feature 3 inversions, and possibly take on some kind of niche-record. Anyone know more?" Interested to hear everyone's thoughts about this and idea's about where they might put it.
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