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  1. Why approximate? They have devices specifically made to measure decibels. We need an exact answer. Answers people! This is pertinent information here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Need some advice. My family is considering doing a season pass this year (family of 5). Looking fur advice on what would be the best option for us to do, pass or membership. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just an update, on days of concerts, if you have tickets you get free parking. Also, went,on tantrum yesterday before the concert and was pleasantly surprised. It was short as far as ride time, but it was a fun little coaster that I wasnt expecting to really enjoy as much as I did.
  4. Quick question. I know you get free admission to the park with a concert ticket, but do you still have to pay for parking? Not a big deal, just wasn't sure.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone had already mentioned this, but they are posting similar teasers at KI, with mention of Outpost 5 which was the name of SOB station IIRC.
  6. I understand the safety concerns and I can respect the park doing everything to keep guests safe. Did something happen that they are now beingso strict? When I was there last month they said everything had to be in a "secured pocket". I even had to move my wallet from my back pocket to a front one because they warned us that "it will be lost". They no longer want any lose articles while in line even and will kick you out of line for having your phone, what's next? I have glasses, and while I will be wearing a strap for them on my next visit, will those be required to be stored in a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo and have to wait however long practically blind? I know that's a bit extreme of an example and honestly pretty stupid, but just trying to prove a continued point of how this is a ridiculous policy that they need to seriously reconsider.
  7. IIRC didn't all the coasters in which the load/unload was the same are all have bins for storing your loose articles? Why did they get rid of these? I agree with Robb that it really isn't fair to the vast majority of us that keep everything in our pockets when we ride. I'm ok with a chance that someone accidentally grabs the wrong phone, you are assuming that risk when you place your stuff in those bins. Those lines are boring as hell just standing amd waiting and I often take my phone out in line to browse the internet, but once I'm in the station and like 1 or 2 rides away from my turn, I secure everything in my pockets and keep them there for the entire ride.
  8. I wish Darien had construction webcams like cedar point has in the past.
  9. I look forward to riding this, but I'm not crazy about the color scheme. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with the ride experience, just s personal displeasure of riding something that reminds me of a carrot.
  10. Touche haha you do have me on that one. However, to be fair Brain Drain couldn't realistically open until a few weeks after opening weekend, so they had the convenience of added time since the water park isn't open right away. At least to my knowledge it isn't. Also, I wouldn't count on them painting anything while the crane is there. Although Mind Eraser is in desperate need of a touch up! i give credit to the new owners for at least building a new coaster, it is much needed. I just don't see a whole lot happening though as far as continued investments. The park has a lot of land that it could develop, I just don't see it happening. Six Flags kind of destroyed the park financially when it left. They tried to do too much too fast in all their parks, which led them to the brink of bankruptcy. I have worked for Darien Lake a number of times, and each season I'm told they were in the red at the end of the season financially.
  11. Are the 7 year olds 48" yet? That's the magic number for Cedar Point, and a lot of places really. My eight-year-old hit 48" a couple years ago, so if they're at that, they are going to have a great time at Cedar Point. Less than that, you pretty much just have flats. There are a lot at CP, and they can have fun, but it's going to be just the two children's areas really. If they are 48", you have Millennium Force, Magnum, Gemini, and more. Yes they are both above 48" so thankfully they will be able to go on a vast amount of rides while we are at the park. The one twin loves roller coasters, the other a little more hesitant. As I stated, they've gone on everything they are able to based on height restrictions at Darien Lake here in Buffalo, NY. I find it funny that they aren't tall enough to go on Ride of Steel (Formally Superman), yet they are able to go on Millenium Force, which is just over 100ft taller.
  12. Hoping to get some advice. My family and I (wife, twin 7 year olds and 3 year old) are going to be going to Cedar Point for the twins 7th birthday party from June 25-June 29th. They love roller coasters, and have gone on all the ones they are able to at our home park, Darien Lake. We got the Platinum passes and the pre-k pass because they are a much better deal than the regular season pass for the amount of time we are going. We get the advantage of ERT every morning we are there. What other recommendations do any of you have in regards to our trip. I have been to CP several times so I am well aware of the anticipated lines, etc. Given that we are going at the end of june, is it safe to assume that it will be very busy during our time here? Thanks in advance for any advise you can give me.
  13. Because why would anyone ever expect Darien Lake to do anything and be ready to go for opening weekend? Let's not forget how far behind they were on Blast Off a few seasons ago.
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