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  1. So in my last post I discussed how, they could be putting up a new fence in the place of those three poles. The fence was fixed to match the rest of the fencing along the path. But something new also popped up today during my stroll through the park, there are now 4 spots with orange flags right next to Bloodshed. I don’t know if they have any significance, just thought I’d share them. What are your thoughts on this topic ?
  2. There are a few changes around the park that caught my attention this week. One is the name and look of Mummies Yummies. It was renamed The Oasis, sporting bright orange and blue colors. I honestly think the new upgrade looks nice. The second is actually also in Africa, three poles were placed at the corner of the amphitheater, where they use to house the All Wheels Sport Show. The fact that one of the poles were placed directly at the corner makes it seem like a fence of some kind could be put up.
  3. Today the Vice President of the park was actually in the park with the GM, measuring and surveying the shops right in front of Boomerang. I also noticed new orange tags on trees along the route to Prowler. I also heard some murmurs about something taking the spot of Dino’s from a manager. With all the technical difficulties that Boom has had these past couple of seasons I won’t be surprised if see a final ride date pretty soon
  4. Si WOF has officially announced that Falcons Flight is open
  5. Today is the day to see all the great and hard work the park has done
  6. So Worlds of Fun is promoting something else, could it be for the 2018 year like they did in 2008 for the 2009 addition of Prowler, or could it just be the centerpiece for the new entrance
  7. So I guess there's something else to be revealed, could it be the center piece for the front gate, or a promotion for the 2018 year, just like they did in 08' for 09's addition of Prowler. The hashtag is #underthetarp
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