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  1. Maverick is heads above the redundant twists of I305. Intimidator isn't just twists you know.
  2. 28...feet...better... Totally for Haunt. There's nothing "scary" about these teasers like it would be for Haunt. Show me where it says feet . . . You know, its one thing to speculate but its another to come off as a complete dick. As if everything you say is law. You seem like a very fun person to be around . . . It shows a picture of feet. I must be the greatest troll ever then because you guys are un-ironically responding to me.
  3. 28...feet...better... Totally for Haunt. There's nothing "scary" about these teasers like it would be for Haunt.
  4. Only Cedar Fair could spawn such intellectual discussion threads as a trademarked name.
  5. 28ft taller? Just a guess If you use the Pythagorean Theorem it makes sense.
  6. Except for the fact that the whole park is not western themed. Fiesta Village and the Boardwalk are not western themed. Mexican California is western. California boardwalks are western. The California Sierras are western. California ghost towns are western. We aren't talking western as in "Westerns" or the "Wild West". So what is Mexican or beach-like about "Railblazer"?
  7. Vortex, Flight Deck, _hawk ring a ball? Deciding to name a floaty B&M hyper "Intimidator" because they already had the trademark for the giga? Yes, it r1ngs a bell. And thank you so much for that. However, I think it's pretty safe to say Six Flags names are a bit more redundant than Cedar Fair. I'll take Rail Blazer over the same comic book names strewn about every park. True but let's not act like Cedar Fair isn't a culprit of it at all.
  8. I tend to agree I heard that it could be a reference to how 4 or 5 CF parks have or have had a state route 1 nearby, and that the CF announcements will be connected somehow. The announcements are not connected in any way. We need to stop bringing up BS conspiracy theories. It seems convincing to me So how in any way is a boardwalk and the Wild West related? It makes zero sense.
  9. What's stopping one of those from being named Railblazer? Absolutely nothing. What's stopping them from scrapping The Ledge or Hangtime for a better name? Once again, absolutely nothing. Please stop trying to act like you know everything when you clearly don't. You're talking about tin foil hat theories that don't make sense. Trademarks are not easy to obtain.
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