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  1. http://www.californiacoasterkings.com/six-flags-discovery-kingdom-six-flags-magic-mountain-solar-powered/ This is gonna be very interesting for sure!!!!
  2. Sounds like a new sit down restaurant is rumored to be taking the place of the old snack bar that was just torn down! I am thinking it'll be an Ace O Clubs like the one at Magic Mountain. Harley Quinn construction starts this week according to some people at the park!!
  3. I was just going to ask this! I'm wondering if the track has been shipped yet. The supports should be done being made soon as pictures have been posted to facebook and the footer rebar is about to be shipped to the park soon I believe according to SkyLine. The ride will however be put together in Orlando first for testing then shipped to the park according to Skyline.
  4. not knowledgeable enough about SFoT operations to say, but at Fiesta Texas yesterday, it was in the 40's, and Superman (B&M Floorless), and Poltergiest (Premier LIM launch) never opened. And when it dropped down closer to 40, they closed Goliath (B&M inverted) and Batman (S&S FreeSpin). however, the Arrow minetrain, RMC Iron Rattler, and Vekoma Boomerang stayed open. (not sure about the spinning coaster, we were on the other side of the park from it). so that might help? I hope Over Texas keeps Shockwave, Titan and NTG opened as those 3 are the ones I'm looking forward to the most!
  5. I'm heading to the park on new years eve but it is gonna be very cold like below the 40's and I am curious if the coasters will run in that temp?
  6. Boomerang and Dare Devil for yearly refurbishment and Wonder Woman for some unknown problem. From what I have heard Wonder Woman needs a new motor already.
  7. I bet if Six Flags did this it would be with the newer restraints and trains kind of like on freedom flyer but probably with a vest restraint similar to the SLC trains but not as bulky.
  8. Went to the park yesteday from opening till 11ish and today from opening till noon since we had to driveback to Norcal. Yesterday the crowds were mild in the morning but around one that all changed and got way busier for fright fest. Today it looked like it was gonna be a more mild day since it was a sunday. I was able to ride everything I wanted besides Full Throttle but I've ridden that a few times by now so it's no biggy. Justice League is amazing even though on my first ride it stopped twice for a few seconds but besides that and one ride where the fire didn't work the ride is amazing and an awesome addition. X2 was bat shit crazy as always. The new paint on Riddlers is really neat looking as it dominates the back of the park. Terminator ohh whoops I mean Apocalypse still runs great and has pretty decent airtme for its size. The left over theming still is really neat especially the tow truck. Batman was intense as always and Superman still has one of my favorite launches as you feel the car getting faster as you go towards the end of the launch. Twisted Colossus was hauling ass but sadly didn't duel because of some issues on previous trains. The refurbed trains on Revolution did wonders and Tatsu backrow is bat shit intense in the pretzel loop. Aftermath 2 was insane at the beginning of the night as it was packed with actors but later in the night it wasn't as good. Toyz of Terror was really cool with the 3D and the tunnel makes you feel like ypu're on a major trip. Reds Revenge I foound pointless and overhyped. Chupacabra I found was short but sweet as you didn't know was 2 feet ahead as it was fog filled. Overall I had an amazing night and morning at the park!!!!!!
  9. Honestly it's either 2 things, a S&S FreeSpin or a kids land upgrade to DC Super Friends. The freespin is more unlikely but still possible. The DC Superfriends is more likely as they really need to focus on the kids again. If they do the Kids Land upgrade I hope they pull a SFOG and SFNE and and refurb their rough vekoma by giving it new trains and possibly repainting it. Kong's VR refurb is wearing off and it's back to being rougher again.
  10. The 4th train on Twisted Colossus is not a parts donor but is used when one train goes down for annual refurbishment so they can still run 3 trains.
  11. Maybe sfdk didn't add a light package to the ride itself but instead may add lights off the ride shining up onto the ride at night as a cheaper alternative
  12. Has there been any indication as to whether this Zamperla Giant Discovery will have the same fantastic lighting package as the one at SFOT? It's hard to tell from the pieces but the supports look pretty bare unless they're gonna be added later on.
  13. I've had 4 good rides on Kong since December and I never had headbanging. The only somewhat rough area is the sidewinder. Here's a video link where you can see that it isn't as rough.
  14. Kong? Smooth? I think you've slammed your head against the restraint one too many times. After the recent modifications to the track there is little to no headbanging now!!!
  15. The new VR on Kong was awesome!!! With there being no QR codes anymore and the syncing is all via bluetooth it is very easy to get ready. The ride is smooth and very enjoyable. I suggest getting out to the park to ride it!!!
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