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  1. My mistake then, though if you google Busch gardens/Kings dominion combo tickets there are multiple news stories from 2015 saying that they were going to start offering them. So at least at one time they did offer them. Besides I remember back in the day there was a Seaworld/Busch gardens/ Universal combo ticket down in Florida, so it isn't unheard of that parks under different companies offer combo tickets. I do appreciate the advice though. I'm in Pittsburgh, so if I can make it to Cedar Point/Kings Island this summer I'll probably end up getting the pass.
  2. Looking for some locals advice. I'm making a weekend trip to both Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens sometime in April. I've searched for ticket combos to keep the price down a bit but really haven't been able to find any solid information on it.Will there be a ticket online or is that more of a buy locally when you get there sort of thing? I'd be around Friday through Sunday. I'm assuming it would be better to hit up Busch Gardens on Friday and Kings Dominion on saturday since Busch probably gets bigger crowds? Planning to hit Richmond as well one of those days just to check out the city for a
  3. How's it looking for tomorrow? Gotta make the drive up from San Diego and don't want any unfortunate surprises. Crowd's should be crazy with it only being open one weekend day right?
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