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  1. Today was a pretty light day at the park. Kind of annoying that Goliath, Superman, and Blue Hawk were running one train today, but hey, they only have a two month turnaround to maintain the rides. TC, Mindbender, Batman, DDD were all running 2+ trains, so the wait was little if not nonexistent. Scorcher is looking good though the red paint and grey supports are looking really good and WAY better than the old paint job. Also, the general was running again today. The Texas was in the R.R. parking building.
  2. Yes, according to the park they are a permanent replacement (they will stay even once they switch back to the forward operation). After experiencing GASM backwards last weekend, I found the ride to be smoother than I expected. I still got some pretty good airtime even with the different trains. I’m not completely sure why the park decided to retire the old trains in the first place. Yea I wish they never retired them in the first place because they were great especially with the buzz bars and now wish I could have gotten a few more rides on it with them on. It’s great that the airtime is still there. Is it smoother with the cyclone trains or the old ones?
  3. I just looked at some videos on youtube of GASM running backwards and noticed they were using the old cyclone trains. Are these a replacement and what are they going to do with the old buzz bar trains that I loved so much?
  4. I agree with that but I thought they might just have an extra crane taking off some of the track and then an RMC will show up a few days or weeks from now. I thought they would come over when they can take some pressure off the mean streak construction, which is a huge deal and probably the largest project they've ever done.
  5. lol I thought u were joking for some reason. Strongly doubt that because they took quite a bit more track off then that. All the track in the station, brake run, final turn, some of the turnarounds, and some airtime hills were gone.
  6. Not only that, they have 7 projects this year and they may not have enough trucks to work at all 7 projects. I think that we may see one eventually though once they get done with mean streak or hurler or something.
  7. They're either just using that other truck to throw us off or because RMC doesn't have enough trucks since they have too many projects already this year. Eventually we'll probably see one pop up.
  8. I completely agree. Recent wooden roller coaster torn down like Thunder Road, Ozark Wildcat, and Rolling Thunder never had any track removed prior to being torn down.
  9. The final teaser has just been released. It looks like they may be putting the emphasis on JLBFM because it was a "dark" video with the occasional scene of the previous trailer. They could be totally throwing us off because I know that it's an RMC coming especially since only track has come off and they are lowering some supports for a pre lift section. The ride wouldn't have track removed from the coaster if it was getting torn down. The areas I noticed the track off were the pre section before the lifthill, the station, and the turnaround before the last section and the turn around that led into the crazy 4th drop. And correct me if I'm wrong that they were also removing track from the brake run?
  10. I want to the park today and all I can say is RMC confirmed. Everything is running extremely well today. There were at most station wait at every ride except JLBFM. GASM was running especially well today and I marathoned it 5 times without getting off. Similar story on Goliath with staying in the station and riding a total of 7 times without leaving the station. There is no question Cyclone is getting RMC'd.
  11. I'm going to the park tomorrow, and I will see the story on Cyclone. Based on the pictures, it looks like an RMC conversion at this point but I have yet to see the construction happening in person. I'm confident in my response that it is an RMC especially considering the fact it's not torn down and it looks like they're not tearing it down anytime soon. Hopefully I can report back with some good news from SFOG.
  12. Yes, this looks like an RMC. If they were tearing this down, it would already be gone. If they are removing track from the station and removing only parts like stress cables and tie cables, then it will almost definitely be an RMC conversion. They need to rework all of the cables plus put all the new steel track in to make it an RMC. I don't think that crane was an RMC one but since this park has the advantage of not getting snow in the winter unlike SFNE they may wait for RMC to come in after August 31st because otherwise people will know what is going on since this is at the front of the park and you can see the layout of it from all different angles inside and outside of the park. It would suck if we had to wait until August 31st- 1st week of September fo RMC crews to show up. This is looking great!
  13. Also, did anyone check the Cobb country building permits filed over the last few days/months?
  14. But then there's the footers in the background with no markers which means that it looks like all the footers won't be torn down so horray RMC Cyclone is coming. For some weird reason I think the green will either respresent the track color or something to do with the theme but I could be totally wrong about the green part. Hurlers and mean streaks are marked differently in a slightly different color so I hope this turns out to be a very good, intense, compact RMC. Yeah, also to mention the first commet on the page, talking about the teasers about thinking that it started with hurricane harbor, then this, then D.C. Super friends, then Justice League right before the announcement makes total sense, it's just there to throw us off.
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