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  1. thanks guys. guess i won't be the only loner there, so i'm thinking about grabbing a season pass to catch up on lost time.
  2. do any of you guys ever go alone? i've tried to get my friends to go with me but none of them like rollercoasters, and i haven't been there since probably 2010 even though i only live an hour away. i just don't wanna look like a loser that shows up on rides all day alone lmao
  3. do you guys ever worry about losing your keys, wallet, phone, etc on rides? wallet i could just sit on, but i probably wouldn't wanna do that with my keys or phone
  4. how is the waterpark now that they added more to it? is it pretty busy or not too bad? wondering if i should get a season pass for next year or a platinum to get into the water park also.
  5. do platinum passes normally go on sale during holidays such as christmas? what prices do they drop to if so? and does anyone else think it's kinda dumb that you can't get into cedar point shores with just a normal season pass?
  6. If you choose to go on a hot Saturday, be prepared for the water park to be around max capacity. Or in other words...if it was my decision, I would avoid it like the plague. oh wow. is it really getting that busy? didn't even know they had a max capacity for the waterpark lol.
  7. has the water park and beach been packed on the weekends so far this year? i'm probably gonna go up on a hot saturday or sunday sometime next month and was wondering how busy that part of the park usually is.
  8. Thanks - that was me. Also, I followed ALL rules that we were given to us about photo taking on the tour. A long zoom and a bit of cropping are what got this done - taken from the same spot pretty much everyone else was taking pics from... Anyway - I am soooooo excited to see this transformation and I find all this speculation fun! just checked out your instagram. you've got some REALLY nice pics on there. keep it up
  9. just make sure to stay over lake erie and under 400 ft and try to do it when workers aren't around or else you're out of a drone and will have a nice sized fine to deal with.
  10. how on earth did your friend get access to these professional blueprints? these must have been taken right from the worksite ot: everyones arguing over 2017 vs 2018 still and i'm just over here hoping it'll be their 150th anniversary surprise for 2020. i just wanna see the world burn
  11. i'm surprised people aren't bringing out their drones and flying them over mean streak to get some footage
  12. does anyone know how busy cedar points beach usually is during the summer? on hot summer days is it pretty empty or packed or what?
  13. i feel so spoiled because cedar point is my home park and they just keep giving us more but god i really want a flying coaster at cp. i've wanted one for awhile now, even more than i wanted an rmc. unfortunately i doubt cedar point will be getting anything big now for at least 3 years with all the money they've put into the park in the last 5 or so.
  14. oh god. i don't think i'd ever ride corkscrew again. when i was first getting into rollercoasters i hopped on corkscrew and i banged my head a couple times on the safety restraints near the end of the ride. that gave me a pretty nasty headache for the rest of the day. never. again.
  15. i can only imagine how often a 500 ft polercoaster would be shut down at cedar point. wind 500 ft in the air can get pretty bad, and that's not even considering lake erie being within feet of where the coaster would be, adding even more wind.
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