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  1. The other potential thing that could be happenng is a Plants vs Zombies or Mass Effect ride. I am sure this has been mentioned before so I am sorry for any redundancy. I saw the P vs Z version at Carowinds this summer and my family liked it. It was brutally hot at Carowinds with no lines so we 'rode' P vs Z like ten times. It was air conditioned and it fit nicely into the theatre space as well. The other day I was at Canada's Wonderland in line to watch the Robinson Crusoe 3D movie and I mentioned to the operator that I had done the P vs Z ride and that it would fit nicely in that space b
  2. This is my first post. I posted a comment on the Canada's Wonderland Facebook page commenting on the lack of information about when the 2017 announcement was being made. I thought I may get a 'coming soon' comment, but I got a reply very quickly that was more detailed. It said that capital announcement dates vary due to several external factors. I posted this comment on August 20th, the same day Kings Dominion made their announcement. My thinking is that if we were getting the same thing as another park then there should not be any unique external factors that could not have been sort
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