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  1. Well . . . I wonder what (if anything) SFA will announce for 2018.


    I'm sticking with S&S 4D. Whatever it is should be a sizable addition compared to previous years.


    Now if that does come to pass . . . . well, here's three possible locations for it:


    1. Between Superman: Ride of Steel and Batwing

    2. It replaces Penguin's Blizzard River

    3. It replaces the Gotham City Arena


    Option 1 is the most logical . . . at least in my opinion.


    And of course the naming . . . . I'd say Harley Quinn's Crazy Spin (of course in her colors of red/black)


    1 is probably the least likely because of the fact there is a transformer in the middle of that plot of land. They would have to put the ride far into the land that could easily be used better. The most likely spot IMO is where PBR is. While I would be sad to see it go, it seems very likely that's where it would go. In regards to the name, It would probably be called some thing they've already used like Harley Quin Spinsanity.

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