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  1. Has Thunderhead been in operation the last couple days?
  2. I really can’t argue with someone like you. Lol have a great day man
  3. Clearly you were trying to make it sound like I didn’t know what I was talking about. But I don’t sit and troll theme park forums all day.
  4. I’m at the park dude. MM probably was only up an hour. Just frustrating
  5. Looks like lightning Rod and Mystery Mine have both been closed all day. Wtf
  6. The issue with going at the end of May is that the "Bring A Friend Free" passes that you get with your season passes expire at the end of May. Everyone waits till last minute to use them so its nothing to see the park at or past capacity. I've learned to avoid the park on Weekends in may at all costs. Even the food lines will be 45 minutes. They’ve actually already expired for this year. I think a week or two weeks ago was the last “bring a friend day”
  7. I went a couple years ago on Memorial Day weekend and swore I would never go again at that time. It was terrible.
  8. Mystery Mine hasn’t even opened for the season yet... I guess it will be this years lightning rod
  9. Dang. Park is struggling today. Lrod closed. MM closed. Firechaser closed.
  10. Back at the park today and it is crowded!!! Spring breakers. And MM is closed yet again. Ride op was out front and I did ask what was wrong with it and the only thing she said “we can’t talk about it right now.” ... umm what?
  11. My response was to the comment made by “coasterbill” not the one above mine lol I should’ve clarified
  12. Dude chill. I don’t know if they are new or not, I was just guessing. And I never said they were removing it. Only said I would be upset if they did. Why so defensive?
  13. It IS testing with water dummies. Maybe new trains that we don’t know about?? I can’t tell if they are new or not. Also, Dragonflier is testing as well and looks awesome!!
  14. It’s just bizarre. Dwood is my home park and I come all the time, I just haven’t seen MM with this much downtime and I know a lot of people would disagree but it IS my favorite ride at the park. I would be so upset if it was removed.
  15. MM has been closed since the park opened for the season two weeks ago. Saw it testing a couple times but never opened. At the park again today and it’s STILL closed. Was going to ask a ride op outside what the issue is but there’s no activity or anyone around. I had posted something on Dollywood’s Facebook page on another persons post about MM being closed and an hour later my comment was deleted. Dollywood messaged me personally and did the whole “guest safety is our top priority” etc. which I totally understand. But still..
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