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  1. My son and I took the 3:45 tour on Tuesday. The tram derailed as we went around the curve at the bottom of the hill. I'm sure the tour after us got the free tour back to the entrance that they warn you about. Don't know how long it will take to fix.
  2. Any Six Flags employees...can you confirm that my son will be able to get into Silver Dollar City with his employee badge? Can he bring a guest? Asking before I buy tickets.
  3. Can someone confirm that the last day the park is open this year is Labor Day? No Frightfest? No Holiday in the Park?
  4. Took my son to SFStL last Friday and Sunday because he was desperate to try the new Revolution experience. Here were our results...Arrived early Friday and used our gold passes for early entry. When we got to the Ninja they were having trouble getting the train out of the station and it did not open on time. The employee suggested we ride other rides and return later. An hour later another line had formed in anticipation of opening, my son joined the line with 60-75 people in front of him. The ride did open and since I don't ride Ninja anyway I went to the exit ramp to watch the new loading procedure. I don't know how many employees it took to run just the Ninja, but I counted at least 10 working up there Friday...one whose sole job seemed to be troubleshooting malfunctioning viewers. I timed how long it took to turnover a trainload and it ran anywhere from 4 to 11 minutes. These longer times had to do with adjusting the size of the headsets or having to replace a headset that went blank after everything seemed ready. As each load of passengers came down the exit ramp I heard at least one say "It didn't work for me." Another major hassle was collecting lanyards from passengers who didn't participate in the Revolution, but apparently they had to wear a lanyard so employees new not to hand them a headset. Passengers with headsets realized they needed to turn them in at the exit but the lanyard only passengers seemed to forget they were wearing them. On my son's train, nearly half of the passengers wearing headsets complained that nothing happened. They were the first of the day that I saw being allowed to immediately reboard the ride for another go. My son's headset didn't work on the second attempt either (this was a new headset as the first had already been turned in). He was unwilling to wait in an hour long line for a third try. On Sunday my husband and son tried to ride again. They waited in line twenty minutes and the line never moved so they left.
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