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  1. I believe the conversation has moved forward from the Dragons, though. We get it, it's not for sale. I was under the impression Hart had stated in an interview that he had attempted to purchase the Time Machine coaster for the park's reopening. I was asking if I was mistaken on that. What we DO have in an interview however, is Hart discussing talking with RMC about a new coaster while discussing the opening of Storm Chaser. This is why I'm thinking that IF there's a hyper coaster coming, it'd be a T-Rex tracked coaster. Just as buying a major used coaster wouldn't be out of the realm of possible for Mr. Hart, neither would building a first-of-it's-kind coaster. A T-Rex tracked coaster, first of it's kind, would be just the type of thing that would fire up enthusiasts and draw them to the park much the same way Chang did. Kentucky Kingdom was in a similar place as it is now back when Hart first held it, when he built Chang. Chang was the coaster that took Kentucky Kingdom "over the top" so to speak from "small regional park" into somewhere that was growing to be a major attraction for enthusiasts. (OK, Kingdom's a little further along in those respects than it was then but it's still not a "big time player" at the moment) Building a T-Rex tracked hyper would do for the park now what Chang did then. It would be the same shot across the bow, this park came to play type of moment. I'm also inclined to agree in that I kind of hope they don't remove T3, at least not at this stage of the game.
  2. Hadn't it been confirmed that he had tried to purchase Time Machine though, or am I mistaken?
  3. All's I'm sayin' is, if they DO replace T3 I would hope it would be with another suspended coaster. As I've said before, I'm not the biggest B&M fan in the world as I feel their coasters tend to be formulaic...but Banshee's a homerun and threw some stuff at me I wasn't expecting. It'd be awesome if Kentucky Kingdom one-upped 'em on that like they did Mantis when they build Chang. Not original, but at least a coaster layout I enjoy would be (much) closer to home. I dunno, I guess I'm not the most excited about the idea of a hyper coaster at Kentucky Kingdom. I'm still not sure if the park could really handle such a thing. I get the general consensus seems to be that's the direction they're heading in, but I'm just not fully sold on that idea. It doesn't seem to fit within Hart's MO.
  4. Personally, I'm still not sold on them being coaster related at all. There's a LOT of area over there though that's been closed off to the public, so nothing would completely shock me.
  5. Like I said, I'm not necessarily a firm believer that it's going to happen by any means. I've stated several times that I'd be about as shocked as anyone if it DID happen. I'm merely pointing out it's not out of the realm of how Ed Hart operates for him to try and buy a used B&M Coaster for his park, and those two would fit the bill. Universal probably has little interest in selling, and they'll likely end up scrapped. That's not to say however, that the idea isn't competely off base and out of the ballpark and realm of possibility and it's not inconceivable for things to change if Hart were to make the right offer. Money, afterall, talks and a park like Kentucky Kingdom is not, has never been, nor will ever be a threat to Universal in any way. Anyhow, I'm really only interested in chatting about the possibilities overall because for me it's waaaaaaaaaaaay more interesting than the endless "What will lines be like?" and "I went to the park and here are MY thoughts..." posts that fill up this forum on a regular basis. Lol, I don't know what lines will be like on a particular date, and I really don't care what YOUR thoughts are on the park.
  6. It's not the most outrageous idea ever. Ed Hart tried to by the then SBNO "Time Machine" Coaster for that park in South Carolina to have for when Kentucky Kingdom first re-opened, and went with Lighting Run once he was outbid for "Time Machine" by I believe a new park in Vietnam. Moral of the story: Buying a popular used coaster isn't a completely foreign idea to Hart. Especially if he's shooting for a B&M. It'd be a way for him to get one for a fraction of the cost, and those coasters aren't necessarily being removed due to a lack of popularity but because Universal is going all in on the Harry Potter theming in that section of the park and those dragons don't fit that. Do I think it's going to happen? Not really, no. I'd be dumbfounded if it did. Do I think it's a completely ridiculous of an idea, and thus we should mock this guy for mentioning it at all? Not really, no.
  7. Damn you all, now y'all got me thinkin' fantastical thoughts and whatnot! Ugh!
  8. I'm not gonna lie...If Kentucky Kingdom were to land Dueling Dragons, that WOULD kick wholesale ass. Those were some fun coasters, and it'd bring back the dueling aspect that was lost when Twins were converted to Storm Chaser. Plus, given they're slightly older the park could probably land them relatively cheaply as well. That'd be a W in my book. Plus, depending on what they spend on those they may still be able to invest in something such as a hyper for '19 or '20. Even if they were to simply get one out of the two coasters, it'd still be a massive upgrade for T3 at not a lot of money...again, relatively speaking. All that being said, that sounds rather fantastical to me still. I'm still not of the opinion they're replacing T3 at all, but looking to add something.
  9. I love suspended coasters, I really do. As much as I'm not the biggest B&M fan in the world (their stuff all tends to be the same IMO), Banshee is a homerun. I hope that, if they DO replace T3 it's with another suspended coaster.
  10. In this particular context, I suspect "Last Rides" merely means last rides for the year, not that they're removing any coasters or any other rides (T3 in particular).
  11. So in other news... Apparently placement markers of some kind have begun popping up along the back part of the park. Personally, I think there's a lot of extrapolation in this video, but it's still interesting none the less. www.screamscape.com/html/kentucky_kingdom.htm
  12. Could be something, could be nothing...but I noticed today over by the exit of T3 and all around the ampitheatre area were all closed off to the public. Use to be able walk in that space, but it was closed off making a narrow walk-way from the exit of the ride through and back around to the entry point for it. Dunno if that's something or not but it was unusual in my book.
  13. I hate all those damn rides...motion simulator rides, eh...I'm all set. They don't do anything for me.
  14. Y'know, I actually don't mind T3. I get WHY people dislike it, but for me...it's way more tolerable, and almost fun IMO, with the new trains and restraint system. It's by far not the best by any means, but I don't mind it nearly as much as others seem to.
  15. I've not seen any either, but like you, I've never really paid a great deal of attention either. My only comment in regards to Hurricane Bay is that they're replacing a major component to the water park so it's safe to assume they're replacing it with something relatively and equally major for 2018. "Major" in terms of a new slide tower vs. "major" being a new B&M Super Giga Hyper Whatever obviously being two different uses of the word "Major"... relative to the different parks (Water vs. dry).
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