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  1. quick note hunted grave yard and rides open 9-27-19 from 5-10
  2. Just a quick note the park is open today from 1-7 pm rides are open and tickets are 15.00 for a all day pass and free to just walk around also the last daily operation for rides is 9-29-19 and the park is doing the same special next sat and sunday to I will be there so expect a full picture report to close out the season
  3. Hi all I went to the park back in june for a few days I was blown away how not so busy the lines were on a monday for the summer season i took some pictures. I dint get a chance to ride black diamond or flying turns as the lines were 30 mins everytime i walked by. spin and puke great pinball selection hayy dippion dots guy told me a mega giga was coming in 2020 a old skool ride closed all day missing in action all year the wave swinger
  4. A little update the Mobil app says the kissing tower is closed along with flying falcon Any one know why?
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