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  1. I was bored the other day and searched worlds of fun 2019. Came across another site and claiming there was light construction/fencing happening? Anyone have any support to this? It was a site I’ve never heard of and not even sure where they claim this activity is occurring or if there any truth to this? I tend to check here and screamscape for my info usually
  2. The only thing that makes me a tad skeptical about the “2019 Rumors” is the fact there are not any known signs of land markers, land prep, city permits filed, etc. Just makes me wonder if the heresay rumors of 2019 being a “big” year for the park are true, the missing components should have started to show some sort of life by now.
  3. I am extremely happy to see the park focusing on beautification. WOF is my home park and I am not saying this because I am biased but I’ve always felt that WOF has so much potential to turn itself into a more destination park as it progresses. Kind of sad to see the beautiful large trees in the Front Street area, however I must say I kind of like how the area has been opened up and refurbished. That plaza area was dated and surrounded by Newer improvements and seemed out of place. The new food options look incredible. They have been very actively promoting this on their Snapchat and Twitter. Nice to see attention focused on food that stands outside the average amusement park food. I really hope all these infrastructure and beautification projects that have been occurring over the past couple years is Cedar Fairs attempt to throw some money into this park in the future and increase attendance. Plus the 2019 year is supposedly going to be a big year so maybe this is the company preparing for this. I guess time will tell. But I’m glad to see the improvements because WOF most definitely has a ton of potential to be the best mid-sized Cedar Fair Park.
  4. It appears they are only replacing the helix and not retracking the rest of the ride after that. You can see where the new track meets the old track on the small hill after the old helix. I am surprised they aren't finishing the ride as there are a few areas late in the ride that need some love, especially the last few hills before the brakes. Maybe they will do the rest of the ride next year? We shall see. I feared that when I saw they were completely nixing the helix for an overbanked turn. Which is a bit disappointing as the return to the station just before the brake run was quite brutal last year when I rode. I do have to say thought, the track work they have done over the years has definitely increased the quality of the ride. Previously I would not even ride TW as it was just unpleasant and I have been on some rough woodies.
  5. I'm actually quite pleased we are getting anything at all at WOF! 2017 was a pretty big year coat-wise. To see Cedar Fair giving us another ride still is great news! Let's hope the rumors of 2019 are true! WOF is a good solid park that is really beautiful (besides the operations this year I experienced). I always thought WOF would be an even better park if Cedar Fair started investing more into it. With the great new entrance, new rides this year maybe we will see a bit more attention to this smaller park in the chain!
  6. I was there on Tuesday and also saw the impact of ride ops. At Detonator the front ride op letting people on miscounted and a guy had no seat but his girlfriend got on. When the guy approached the ride op he made the guy exit and get back in line. I actually said something to the ride op that he hadn't rode yet and you let too many people queue up and he just brushed it off. I actually tweeted them and got no response. Also while waiting in line at detonator the same ride op took about 5 minutes to socialize before letting people queue inside on their number while two empty towers sat there doing nothing. I have to say I have been going to WOF for 25 years and this past visit put a super spurt taste in my mouth. On top of bad ride ops, don't even get me started on the employees in the food operations. No enthusiasm at all, rude and didn't care and not to mention both Coasters and Chickies were so dirty we walked in and right back out and decided to wait to eat after we left. No clean tables at all and all staff was hanging around doing nothing. I asked if there was a towel to clean a table before we left and decided not to eat and the girl said she would get it. We waited and saw her get right back to socializing with other crew and that's when we were out. Quite disappointing because I have been to many parks and WoF is a beautiful park with a lot of potential but situations and experiences like this do not paint the overall experience of having a fun day at a park in a good light
  7. So did you miss or purposely skip over the addition to Tivoli? I did. I think what happened when I last checked was I sorted my the day updated on the KC website instead of date applied for. My bad. I see that one now!
  8. I am beginning to think that we will see the two new flats and that will be all the park gets next year. Valleyfair has announced a release on their 2017 plans and KI has already made their announcement. With WOF being kinda hush hush I don't see them announcing anything but the flats. Just my opinion though. I tried to search building permits for WOF and the most recent one was for Planet Snoopy this year
  9. I came here from Screamscape to see if anything new was found for WoF lol. Does look to be GCI at KI but who knows really. Gets me excited about what might be in the works for WoF though! Has anyone been to the park and seen any changes lately?
  10. Appeared from the station to the lift and the helix to the brake run. May have been more than that. I know the lift was not painted.
  11. I was there on Monday and planned on taking photos but my phone got wet and I damaged it. Not too much different in Bicentennial Square. I was not aware of the markers in Africa so I didn't keep an eye out. Over by Thunderhawk the pad is still boarded up. When I was on Steelhawk I was able to see the gates are still there as well as the pool. The thing I found interesting was the game buildings in Thunderhawk plaza were stripped of exterior decorations. All the games inside were removed and the center games building in the middle of the plaza was closed. Now, it was very dead at the park so that may have attributed to that for the middle building. Honestly to me, I believe the Troika may be going in Bicentennial Square. Just my thoughts. While walking through that area and where the markets were it seemed like a good possibility. I could be way off though. I was also intrigued by the fact that the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit was marked as free and was open to all. Not sure if that is something anyone has seen before? None of the animatronics were on and all the Dinos were static. I had never been back there before but that land is very valuable if you ask me. The carousel in Europa was closed and looked abandoned. Like no care had gone in to reopening it for the season. Nile was down but that was probably cause the expected rain (which never came) unless it is usually closed this early in the season? Timber Wolfs retracking was absolutely glorious. When it is completed it will easily be very enjoyable again! Operations need some work. There were A LOT of trainees there that day causing painstakingly long load times. One ride on detonator, they had to lock/unlock restraints 4 times! It's early in the season I didn't mind minor delays and believe as the season progresses they will work those issues out. Mamba's re-painted portion looks great and is so vibrant. Does anyone know or can anybody confirm if sections of Patriot were recently re-painted? I remember last year it looking very dull and faded but did not look as bad this year. If I think of anything else I'll post it.
  12. Cedar Fair's quarterly and annual reports are public records and released by the company. They are quite interesting as they detail land expansion available at each park and from what I recall for CGA it lists the acreage of the park has been used and developed. This would mean that CF would need to invest in the current infrastructure of the park. Other parks, like WoF, VF and MiA, have acreage undeveloped for future expansion. I still think WoF is quite a few years out from being a park that CF will focus on as an investment property. They have a pretty good steady attendance from surrounding metro areas. They are one of the smaller attended parks in the chain. However, like I said before, SDC is not being very coy about their future plans. Adventureland is also adding a new interesting coaster that will hopefully fuel CF to add something to WoF to draw crowds! We can only hope!
  13. As tasty as I'm sure that Troikas are, I doubt maintenance would enjoy anyone going omnomnom on it. You mean you've never tasted a Troika before!? (I should really proof read better next time )
  14. I have been a long time lurker and joined a while ago but forgot my username and had to create a new one. The buzz around Worlds of Fun so far is very exciting. But to think they are going to start investing in WoF may be jumping the gun. WoF has always been able to draw decent crowds to please corporate from the metro areas surrounding the park. With that said, do I feel CF should be investing more into the park? Absolutely. When I take people from out of town to The park they are so delighted by its charm. Not to mention, we do have a fairly decent lineup of rides. I'm excited to see what they have in store for 2017. I have a feeling it will be more than the 2 flats. If they are teasing this early for 2 flats it would be a huge disappointment to anyone who has already visited the park and seen the tease. Now, new additions are always welcome to me and I'm stoked we are eating a Troika because they are super fun and i honestly think it will be a great addition to the park. I'm just not on board with the tease being for the 2 flats just yet. I think they have something up their sleeve. Back to them being an investment park, I would watch in the next few years to see how the 2017 addition effects attendance. With SDC teasing at something big next year and Advebturelands latest addition, we could potentially see a Midwest coaster war and hopefully that lights a fire under CF and they approve a larger capital investment got WoF to get in said coaster war. I mean they would be hurting themselves if they didn't. No one likes to be left out of a party
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