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  1. I also have a question, is the park disinfecting handrails & railings and other touch points?
  2. Very interesting! I found a picture on a discussion group I am in on Facebook. Not sure how to properly credit the original poster but see image below. Yup there it is!
  3. So I rode mindbender today and noticed one of New Revolution @ SFMM’s trains near the lift hill behind the Maintenance shed. Unfortunately I was not able to take a picture of it. But it was so interesting seeing them there
  4. I think that the kid will be fine, he might even enjoy it Mindbender because of it, so i think that you should take him on the ride considering that it could be first ever looping coaster
  5. Does Hagrid's open in the morning now or does it still only open in the afternoon? I'm wondering cause I'm hitting both parks on the first week of September and I wanna hit the ride first before the crowds arrive. If anyone has any tips on dealing with crowds for Hagrid's that'll be very helpful!
  6. I am quite glad that the trims were on otherwise, that loop would have been uncomfortable. but the downside is the lack of airtime. I think the reason why it was on the day I went was due to the unseasonable heat, hopefully it won't be so bad in September I do wonder though why the bottom of the horizontal loop has such a rattle? is it due to the waterfall making the track rust in that part of the ride or is it just because of the amount of Gs? I've been wondering that for quite some time.
  7. What I was trying to point out was how a single ride-op could say no glasses on a specific ride but then you go on a ride like Batman (which is WAY More intense than Mindbender) and the ride-op will tell you that it's fine to wear your glasses but then when you go back to Mindbender when the ride-ops change shifts, they'll tell you its alright. they used to tell you to not wear glasses on Dare Devil Dive but now they allow you to them now. It just kind of makes me so bewildered, one thing that I don't understand is why they allow you to wear glasses on Superman, the one ride where you MIGHT need to take your glasses off on. Six Flags needs to either ban glasses on all the rides or none of the rides. no more of this random chance.
  8. Went to SFOG this past week and overall rode every coaster except for Blue Hawk but when i was on Mindbender the rideop was enforcing the no glasses rule on it and this was the first EVER time they've done this on Mindbender. It was total BS so i held my glasses and when the train left the station i put them back on. My glasses didnt even budge in the slightest. So after that i rode it again and did the same thing. The Rideops are so inconsistent with the loose article rule. They need to do somethint about it.
  9. If you are planning on Blue Hawk, i recommend sitting in car 5 row 1, Less head banging
  10. Dippin dots guy's manager? Sorry to continue the conversation but here is some tips that i would recommend you guys use when riding GASM. 1. The further the row, the rougher it is. I recommend sitting in the very front for the smoothest experience. 2. Dont completely put your head against the headrest as due to the nature of the ride being a little Bouncy and the Vibrations of the ride, it could cause some headaches and Finally 3. Dont put your back completely against the seatback, your back will thank you. But in all seriousness, dont. Last time i did, my back was hurting for the rest of the day. And these are tips on riding GASM!
  11. Hi, New Here. anyone know the status of Acrophobia at the moment or the reason why its down?
  12. Hey, new here. anyone know the status of Acrophobia at the moment, and if its closed have they made any progress on getting it back up and running (Acrophobia is my baby )
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